2016-06-15 REPORTS: MT/TX/KS/WI/IL/IN/KY/TN/AL, etc

Dan Ross

Jan 8, 2016
Fort Collins, CO
Maybe I didn't need to list all of those states, but all did have severe weather reported, including some I left out. Anyway, I was visiting family for a week in Rockford, IL and decided to chase with a friend in Wisconsin. Stayed on the southernmost supercell in a line of storms extending along a cold front. No tornadoes from our storm or any others that day, but a fun supercell nonetheless. Surface winds were generally weak and not well backed. I was hoping our storm could make up for it given what a hard right mover it was, but it never could quite get it together.

IMG_0966PTsm.jpg IMG_0974PT.jpg
The storm did eventually move into SE surface winds created by a lake breeze (Lake Michigan), but the air was at least 10deg cooler, so all it really did was stabilize things. It did result in a nice smooth shelf/roll cloud though.