2011-05-22 Joplin, MO tornado thread


joplin, mo hit by violent tornado. city officials are asking for asistance from anyone who can help. cpr, first aid and search and rescue. if you can help please get to joplin.

city has taken major damage a hospital took a direct hit and fatalities have been reported.

range line road is closed


all eb traffic on i44 being diverted at tte miami, ok exit. 44eb into joplin is closed!!! find an alternate route!!
Sep 25, 2006
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Yeah, I think were looking at EF4 damage by the looks of it, just my opinion....that neighborhood near the Medical Center is just demolished. They are still pulling people from the rubble on stretchers and people are still trying to locate family and neighbors on what I believe is 26th St and that entire neighborhood. I would say, from what I've seen I don't think the top 3 floors are gone off the Medical Center....it doesn't appear that way anyway but there was strong damage to the Medical Center and a fire which they are hoping to contain before explosion.

Jordan Hartley

TWC reporting block after block leveled. Major swath EF4/EF5 through Joplin.
Feb 26, 2009
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Does anyone know if there is a red cross station or where the rally point is for medical? I have friends in route looking for their parents. Any info is appreciated.
Oct 20, 2004
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People are now looting overturned semi-trucks. Per Joplin PD.... trapped people all over. Fight broke out a little less than an hour ago. Joplin PD had to stop a guy w/ a gun for threatening to "shoot looters". Some confusion at this time of where a makeshift morgue will be established.

This is going to be a LONG night for Joplin. For those that can help in the coming days/weeks... do so, but DO NOT DRIVE TO/THRU THE AFFECTED AREAS. We just had this whole experience play out in northern Alabama on April 27th.... you are a hindrance if you are just driving around getting in the way.

Craig Hull

Mar 9, 2010
I agree with Mike Johnston ... For everyone else looking for information, a Facebook page has been established. Search for Joplin Tornado Info and Joplin Tornado Recovery.