2011-04-27 MISC: AL,TN,MS,KY,OH,IN,WV,GA


I got blasted outta bed by tornado sirens at 6:30 this morning. Went out on the front balcony and witnessed 100mph winds blowing, heard the swoosh...(turbo spool up sound) but didn't know where exactly it was. I got a bit of video with my phone, shot this from the balcony (nothing really impressive but some very high winds).

Watch video >

Got in the car about 15 minutes later, drove down Clark to Memorial Blvd, power was out through there, and on Memorial stop lights were laying in the middle of the street, signs blown out at McDonald's and Taco Bell at Northfield and Memorial Blvd.

Further down the street near Thompson and Memorial, Brookhaven Farms had multiple large trees snapped in half.

Street lights down at Cason Lane and Old Fort Pkway

Preliminary indications are an EF-0 tornado hit, but until the NWS can come out to survey the damage we won't know the official status.

There was tornado reported on the ground between Fayetteville and Manchester about the same time this morning, confirmed by storm spotters there. Have not heard any damage reports from that tornado though.

At 2 pm, I'm headed to North Alabama with Adam Reagan, Jesse Hines, and Jennifer Hines to chase.

Max Remund

25 deaths per the newscast on the ustream link posted above. Wow.

Jared Knedler

Catoosa Co, GA is requesting a massive casualty trailer, people trapped in houses. This is awful. Incredibly tragic day.
Apr 28, 2005
Murfreesboro, TN
just talked to a friend of mine who has family in Ringgold, Ga. said the whole strip near the interstate is whipped out with friends of his that were at the food lion now missing.

Elinor McLennon

ABC 33/40 reporting debris from Tuscaloosa being found 115 miles away. Watching this feed and listening to these reports reminds me so much of May3rd. They are saying the town of Hackleberg has been decimated. A firefighter that was at the scene says the city is completely leveled. Too much damage to know the number of deaths. People thrown from their houses.
What a disaster...my heart goes out to all the folks affected today.
Jan 15, 2008
ABC 33/40 reporting 53 dead in Alabama alone. :(

EDIT: If the SPC LSRs are accurate, there's at least another 12 in Mississippi. Looks like this has exceeded the Super Tuesday Outbreak in terms of lives lost. :(
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