2009-05-08: Radar animation of the ´super derecho´


Mar 15, 2014
the Netherlands
Hello all,

I´m a Dutch weather enthusiast and I´ve made a detailed radar animation of the so called ´super derecho´ with very strong bookend vortex of 8 may 2009, which is an interesting event for me.

All data used by me were downloaded from the NOAA NEXRAD radar archive and displayed with GR2Analyst. The images in the animation show both reflectivity and velocity data.
The video consists of 2 parts, where part 1 shows a compilation of data from all radar sites in the vicinity of the derecho. For each part of that animation I chose the radar site which gave the best combination of reflectivity and velocity data.
Part 2 is divided in time frames of mostly 2 hours and shows for each time frame data from all radar sites in the vicinity of the bookend vortex. I did that to give a completer picture of the phenomen.

I placed it here because I thought it might be interesting for some of you.

The video:

Watch video >

Of course Youtube compresses the video a little, so if there is someone who wants to see part 1 in higher quality, he can press at this link and watch an Animated PNG version of it. But be prepared, it has a size of 138 MB, so it will take some time to load it...

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