2008-05-23 REPORTS: KS/NE/CO/OK/TX

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
I hate to bump this thread but I wasn't sure where else to add this report. There may have been an unreported extra tornado during the May 23, 2008 EF4 Quinter, Kansas tornado. I was reviewing my old footage from that day and noticed a ?tornado/funnel to the south of the main tornado at 6:23 PM CDT (see image link below, look to the far left). The funnel is only visible for a second or two when I go to wideangle and remove the camera to race northward. At the time, I was about 3 miles directly south of Quinter, KS and filming west. I can't determine if there was ground circulation though one blurry frame grab shows a smudge in the likely area. I haven't seen any reports of a second tornado. I never noticed it before since it is cut off on most televisions due to overscan and I was focused on the main tornado.


Bill Hark

Scott Nicholson

This is long overdue... I've (finally) converted and made available tornado/storm chasing videos from years past and posted them on the Videos page on my website at www.springwx.com. There are several videos available for viewing...and I'm adding more as I find archived storm chase videos in my collection.

The video available for this date is titled Quinter, KS Tornado:
May 23, 2008: There were many tornadoes in Kansas during the 2008 chase season. This tornado just missed the town of Quinter, KS. The tornado, rated an EF4, had a maximum width of 3/4 miles.