2008-05-22 Structure, KS

May 1, 2004
Springfield, IL
There were several storms that day and they went for hours. When and where was this taken? It looks like a small, block wall cloud.

Edit: After watching the video, you can see the whole structure better. It's the right, lowered edge of the wall cloud. That portion of the wall cloud feeds directly off the rain cooled air from the forward flank and often extends much closer to the ground. You can see the rest of the wall cloud and RFD clear slot behind it earlier on in the video.
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Thanks alot Skip! I can't even remember what storm this was, I know I was on a N/S road though :) also later in that day I saw the Granola, KS tornado... Now that I am watching the video I think that was a tornado, seeing as the rotation was left of the appendage and you can see a tiny funnel at 0:36.

AHHHHH..... 2008, my first year I "chased" after storms. I thought it was always that easy haha, 2009-2012 has shown me different.

Ron Riemersma

Brandon-- this looks alot like what we saw that day, just south of Grainfield, KS. I remember noting this similar shape while we were on hwy 23, south of I70-- which went on to produce tornadoes near Grainfield and later, Hoxie.