Like a lot of people that posted, I was (with Jon Davies) in NW KS and saw at least 4 tornadoes with the Sherman - Cheyenne County supercell, including the Bird City wedge off in the distance. Lighting conditions weren't the best, but here are a few video grabs.

Brief rope tornado S of I-70

Weak tornadic circulation approaching I-70

Tornado backit by lightning just west of Edson KS

Tornado just northwest of Edson (in foreground)

Distant wedge tornado near Bird City KS backlit by lightning
Mar 19, 2005
Denver, CO
All I can say about Wednesday is WOW! WOW! WOW!
This is a brief summary of my chase. I will post my full report on my chase blog later today.
I left home at 11:15 a.m. and made it to my preliminary target of Ogallala, NE by 1:30. I spent the next one and a half hours gathering data at the City Library and watching and waiting and talking with Brett Adair, who was nowcasting for me. I started noticing convection beginning to develop along the DL in extreme eastern CO, so I decided to head further south, so I left Ogallala at 3:00 p.m. MST and dropped down Highway 61 through southwestern NE, passing through Grant, Imperial and Benkelman before I saw nice towers going up about 40 miles to my west, so I booked it west on Highway 34. I arrived in Haigler around 5:30 p.m. and drove a short distance south of Haigler on Highway 27 and watched from the top of a hill as a spectacular classic supercell moved out of Yuma County, CO into far western Dundy County, NE.
At 5:40 p.m.,the storm developed a nice wall cloud and dropped a brief, but pretty backlit rope tornado approximately ten miles north/northwest of Haigler around 6:35 p.m. MDT. The tornado lasted about a minute, and I took several pictures which I will post later. This supercell would later go on to produce several spectacular tornadoes near Grant, NE an hour later. I could have chased it, but my truck was running low on fuel and the Co-op in Haigler was closed, so I had to hustle back to Wray to fuel up. While I was filling up, new convection exploded along the DL. Brett informed me about the tornadic supercell moving out of Sherman County, KS, so I hauled ass back east on Highway 34. I punched through the developing line of supercells and caught a few golf balls and some blinding rain west of Haigler. As I got closer to Benkelman,significant anvil blowoff from the tornadic supercell was creating a fog that so constantly lit up by the lightning from the supercells that were literally surrounding me in all directions it was glowing. That made for a very surreal and eerie drive. I arrived in Benkelman and started down Highway 161 but quickly turned around as reports of the wedge started coming in. At Brett's suggestion I decided to move further east to the town of Max, NE, which is about eight miles east of Benkelman. I made a u turn about a mile east of Max and parked my truck. I took video of the lightning backlit multi-vortex tornado as it crossed into Nebraska, just missed Benkelman to the southeast and crossed U.S. 34 east of town at 8:35 p.m. MDT.
After the tornado had crossed the highway, I drove back towards Benkelman and drove through the damage path about two miles east of Benkelman, where parts of several trees and a powerpole were lying in the road.
I drove through Benkelman and observed some significant hail damage on the south and east side of town. While I was on the south edge of town, I observed two more brief tornadoes from a circulation passing about ten miles to the west of Benkelman. It was then that I made a decision to drive south to Bird City on Highway 161. What transpired next was a chaser's worst nightmare, a blunder that could have been deadly...
Tune in later today for the thrilling conclusion!
I'm still trying to break down my video of the night time wedge tornado and mayhem, It appears that I didn't get a whole lot of good video of the wedge Tornados even though visually I constantly had a good view; however if I slow down the tape and watch it in slow motion quite frequently you can see it, I did find a spot when there was a power flash that illuminates the huge tornado. I put the 1 second clip which shows the flash and ends quick enough so that you can still barely make out the tornado. Its at the bottom of the page.
Started the day in Lubbock (after flying into LBB night before). Parked south of Floydada, TX for a bit before heading to Aiken, TX. Somewhere north of there (Providence?) saw my first funnel within in seconds after getting pulled out of some mud on the shoulder - thank you Glen! The funnel passed almost overhead and I would guess is the same cell that later became the Silverton tornado witnessed by everyone. Spent some time in Silverton -- basically 'cat and mousing' David Drummond's path; and made the same mistake of taking 86 south of the Caprock (instead of 256). Decided to head back thereafter so probably missed quite a bit around Brice and Clarendon. Still my first tornado and catching the funnel at the start was incredible (and lucky).

Pictures with date/time (DSC files) were taken with a cameraphone (Sony K790a) and no date stamp(IMG files) Canon Rebel XT.


Bobby Prentice

South Brice-McLean Tornadic Supercell

RJ Evans, Gene Rhoden and I saw at least four tornadoes from the Silverton-Brice-McLean tornadic supercell and numerous funnels.

The headline for us is great recovery. We missed the first few tornadoes from the initial northern storm between South Plains and Clarendon and the first tornadoes from the southern storm around Quitique/Silverton, but recovered southwest in time for some great shots. Thanks to Tim Marshall for calling Gene with the initial tornado report that kicked us into high gear.

Our highlight was a close view of a cone-elephant trunk-rope tornado a few miles southwest of South Brice, TX. At one point, the multi-vortex debris cloud was lit by bright sunlight less than a mile to our west and the entire funnel took on a zebra appearance. We shot great video and stills from high vantage point of looking down into the Mulberry creek/river valley. According to Gene's digital photo times, the tornado touched down at 1843 CDT and ended around 1915 CDT. It moved pretty slow, only about 15 mph we estimate.

We also saw a truncated cone-stovepipe-elephant trunk tornado after dark from about about 3-5 miles south of McLean, TX from this same supercell. The tornado just missed McLean to the west, while a new tornado touched down on the east edge of town and moved north. McLean dodged a bullet.

This new tornado hit the west TX Mesonet site on the northeast edge of McLean with a 127mph 3-second wind gust and 9 mb pressure drop. Pictures of the damaged mesonet site can be seen here:


RJ's Personal Mobile Mesonet Project (PMMP) data logs can be viewed here:

We sampled this storm's environment quite well. Around 0050z, on TX273 between Headley and McLean, we measured a period with inflow sustained ESE at 40-50mph.

Here's a description of RJ's vehicle:

This supercell and others apparently formed on an elevated nw-se oriented boundary in the Crosby-Floydada area. At first, it appeared the left splits might ruin the show, but the great environment won out. This boundary was a tornadic supercell factory with multiple hooks noted over the ern Panhandle. Not sure what this was associated with, but the models predicted this convection accurately. Gene calls it a wave. Was it an elevated dryline bulge that intersected a NW-SE boundary between AMA-CDS? Moisture funneling up the Palo Duro Canyon? Who knows! Fascinating!

Special thanks to RJ for saving us from a crash while departing Oklahoma City near the I-44/I-40 junction. A truck in front us of slammed on his brakes and swerved into our lane. RJ swered onto the shoulder to miss him. Our hearts missed a beat or two on that one.
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Dec 16, 2005
Bennett, CO
I'm not going to go into detail here, since everyone else already did :) I caught the same stuff that most everyone else caught, from Silverton, Briscoe county, and on into Hedley and north. Beautiful storm structure, awesome tornadoes and full accounts, pics and videos willbe up on my web site this weekend at www.stormchase.net

Did have a VERY VERY close encouter west of Hedley as a tornado developed just south of town. VERY VERY close to the tornadic circulation! Not on purpose either LOL!
After visiting Nebraska twice and a stop in Minnesota in the last 2 weeks I finaly hit chaser
Nirvana in NW Kansas Wednesday. While dropping south from my original Nebraska target I
partnered up with Skip Talbot near Norton KS as convection fired southwest of Colby. I believe we sampled at
least three cells as we dropped down the line to the tornado warned cell north of Shannon Springs.
We managed to catch this cell without getting stuck in the mud to
watch this beatiful storm really come together.We saw one tornado in the rain and a well formed funnel
just after parking near the storm. As we traveled north to keep up with the storm Skip came over the
radio and commented about how great the sun was lighting the storm features and that
now would be a great time to get another tornado. My reply was "ask and you shall receive". Well,
minutes later as we crossed I-70 and past the town of Edson the storm developed a beautiful sunlit
tornado. After that jawdropper we continued on as darkness fell. We quickly went east to find a
north road that paralleled the storm fairly well.It was during the next hour that we got to see
another tornado as well as two tornadoes at the same time and finally the wedge near Bird City.

Big thanks
to Skip for his great navigation in and around the storm. I'm also thankful my prayers were answered
that this storm passed over mostly rural areas.

Link to Video

Jerry Funfsinn
Very brief report:
I observed three tornadoes in the Goodland, KS area.

Tornado #1 ~5 miles north of Sharon Springs, KS

Tornado #2 ~1 mile north of Edson, KS...Edson is in the foreground

I have a lot of work to catch-up on and Saturday looks like a CC chase in NE/IA …it will be some time before I post a full chase report in my chase logs.
Mar 6, 2006
Amarillo, TX
After driving all the way to Ama from Norman, we went back to Shamrock and then turned around again to head back for the storm over Caprock Canyons/ Silverton area. I had my doubts about making to that storm on time. Not only did we get there in time, we got some great seats for the multivortex as it really got going. West of Hedley we experienced baseball size hail, it was kinda soft hail. It would shatter real easy and didnt leave many dents, and small dents at that. Cracked my headlight case though. It wasnt till after it was north Hedley in Donley County that this storm really went to work. Along highway 273, we saw a funnel come down around the back edge of the meso. As it came around, it reshaped into a large bowl and came down in the valley next to us. The whole valley just looked like it exploded as the dust went flying into the air. The roar of this tornado was incredible. As it began to track north toward Mclean we could see it when lightning would illuminate it couple miles in front of us off the highway maybe a mile. Alot of chasers were moving directly next to this thing. It became a very wide and short stovepipe. Thankfully this thing lifted just before Mclean and the I-40 region. We were getting really worried because it had a bullseye on McLean.
Another large tornado followed soon after. It touch down on the far SE edge of McLean causing a power flash that knocked out the Mclean's power. At this point we were just trying to stay behind the storm as safely as possible. We took highway 453 through Pakan east of McLean. Saw a couple other possible large tornadoes backlight by the crazy lightning, one of which was near Kellerville. These storms were lit up much better than the SE KS storms on Feb 28, but the road networks just were not good enough to risk staying with this storm especially seeing the size of tornadoes they were putting out. The animals were going crazy in this area. We about ran into a big group of dear and a crazy raccoon before making it back to the interstate to head home.
I will never forget this chase. I went from seeing no funnels, let alone any tornadoes, over the past 2 years to having a tornado count somewhere around 15 just through March on just 4 chases (3 very successful ones).

Here are a couple pics,
Tornado about 10 miles south of McLean, very wide cylinder

Tornado about to strike SE side of McLean

Power flash at McLean

Video of early in the day, then some at night:
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Departed Austin about 8:15 a.m. Caught the Silverton tornado shortly before it dissipated just NW of Caprock Canyon. I was well north of the cell when TOR warnings first went up, following another cell which pulsed down shortly after I comitted to it. Driving SW towards Silverton, I caught some pretty nice views of the extremely distant wall cloud, lowerings, and tornado(s). I was roughly 40-45 miles NE of the storm when I first saw what the wall cloud. Definitely the most distant WC/TOR I have ever witnessed. Vidcap from roughly 20 miles NE of the storm:

And later, when I emerged from Caprock Canyon, as the Silverton tornado ropes out:

From there, dropped south to pick up the cell entering southern Briscoe County. Story here is the same as many others. Beautiful tornado- wish I could have gotten a little closer. These pics are from a digita still camera with NO manual focus:

I hope to get some stills up from my Video soon. The video camera malfunctioned a couple of times during this tornado, but I still got a lot of video from it. Video camera is malfunctioning again today (on my waste-of-a-chase in Central TX). Vidcaps should look a little better than the stills, and I'll post them when I get the camera working again.

Also got up to just West of Mclean at sunset (after guessing wrong and gonig North from the chaser convergence zone in South Brice). Observed some lightning illuminated funnels as the cell crossed I-40, and got some low-light video of those also.

Congrats to all those lucky enough to be out there Wednesday. This event definitely eased the pain of my recent 3/23 1360 mile bust (I have spared the forum members a report from that debacle).

Miles: 1060
Quarts of Oil: 2

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Mike Hollingshead

Full chase account HERE, along with a link to youTube clip.

All the images are up on the above link. There's also a 6 minute clip on youTube of the Grant NE wedge at night, linked on the bottom of the page.

Power flash lights up tornado.

Another video grab as it passes west of Grant and just transistioned in to this beast.

Looking west at it as I now drive north towards Ogallala.
Dec 30, 2003
Oklahoma City
Here's a vid cap of the second McLean, TX tornado backlit by lightning at 8:50 PM. It was north of I-40 at the time and was taken from I-40 and FM453 a few miles to the east.
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Dec 11, 2003
Denton, Texas
McLean "west" tornado about 8:14 PM shot from about 5 miles south of McLean on SR 273:

Earlier in the day, the long-lived tornado between Silverton and Brice at about 6:54 PM:

My full slate of vidcaps here.

Eric Nguyen and I chased this event and witnessed around six tornadoes between Silverton and McLean, from 6:29 PM until we broke off the nighttime stovepipe about 8:25 PM.

I was excited about this chase a few days in advance because it seems like a long time since we've seen a vigorous dryline circulation mix into extreme instability. Feels like we've been plagued with pre-frontal surface troughs and veering winds ahead of the lift creating weak convergence. Not so Wednesday.

We began in Claude, bored enough to chase that first "sucker" storm well east of the dryline, but turned around in time to follow SR 70 southbound on the "tour of tornadoes". We were lucky to find good vantage points at the right time.

Like others that night, we found ourselves in a precarious spot while northbound on 273 as a new tornado devloped beneath a meso immediately east of the road. Momentarily we mistook strong RFD into this developing tornado for the stovepipe's circulation.
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Mar 19, 2005
Denver, CO
After checking around, I think I might have been the ONLY person who has video of the Benkelman, NE tornado.:D
There was a college guy and girl from Grand Island who were on the storm as well (nice kids, can't remember their names:confused:) but they had no still or video camera with them. After watching the video, I realize just how badly I need a new camcorder... I shot the video with a seven year old Panasonic Palmcorder VHS-C. The video itself is pretty decent quality, but getting any somewhat decent stills is going to be difficult... grrrr. :mad:

Just noticed that this is my 300th post... break out the champagne and fireworks! Well, I'd settle for some ginger ale and confetti... :)
Dec 9, 2003
As a reminder, only first-hand chaser reports can be placed in REPORTS thread (such as this). If you have comments or questions, please either use the relevant DISC thread or send a PM to the person to whom you are addressing the question/comment. Gracias!
I have a few night images captured from video of the tornado (possibly tornadoes). The first was taken about 5 miles south of mclean, tx. The second image was about 3 miles south of Mclean, tx. And the third was taken just east of Mclean at mile marker 143 at precisely 8:30 pm. The nearbyTexas Mesonet station was hit a few minutes later which i was able to find about where the tornado crossed the road relative to me. I calculated that I was .9 miles west of the tornado. Im having issues getting the gif to work correctly. Video coming soon...


Jason A.C. Brock

3/28/07 chase report

Full chase report along with photos and video links can be found here.

Also check out our youtube site for more video of the tornado as seen from Chitaque Turkey Caprock Canyons and Brice Texas areas. We also have other storm vidoes from March posted as well.

It was a pleasure to chase with the holytornado.com guys (Jeremy Wilson and wife) and also thanks to AMA for their radar images of the event. I always like to go back and check what the radar was looking like while out on the chase besides looking at Mobile Threat Net XM radar.

Also congrats to Jeremys wife for her first tornadoes! Wow what a first set of tornadoes to have!
Jan 7, 2006
I finally got around to writing a chase report and uploading processed versions of my photos from 3/28. I wasn't in the right spot to get the jaw-dropping close-up shots of the Brice tornado quite a few of you have, but still like the way some of them came out thanks to my telephoto lens.

This was my second tornado day and both times I was in the backlit position. I think the contrast makes for some great photos, but at the same time I'd love to get on the southwest side on my next intercept. I still can't get over the great detail and coloration in the photos and video posted here from those who followed the tornado from the south.

Two supercells to the west and southwest from TX-70 north of Brice:

Cone a few minutes after touching down:

Nice inflow:


Structure shot:

Chase account and full set of pics: http://www.skyinmotion.com/chase/chase.php?id=15
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Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
Short summary: Left a bit late 1pm for the Tx Panhandle but still had time to join in on the chaser
fun time. After getting stuck in the mud, I originally began seeing tornadoes from near Turkey, Tx.
Got in at the end of the Sheriff road block / controversy and exited east toward new development.
Stuck behind chaser convergence lines and at times blinding light bars near / at night I witnessed
additional tornadoes. Near McLean. Had difficulty shooting video and stills in dark and while zig
zagging down the road as I chased alone, so I need to work on some options / techniques there. A fun
chase, and I still need to review whatever video I got from this event. Congratulations to everyone
out that day even if you were in my way ;-) LOL! Following is the traditional detailed account which
is also linked off my website.

Here is a link to the detailed chase account:

Website Pictures and descriptions here:

Here's one picture of a nearby tornado at night near McLean. Check the website link above for more pictures.


Billy Griffin

Ditto... just got around to uploading the few photos of the Holly, CO tornado damage. Didn't have my digital with me, so had to just use the point-n-shoot film camera, so had to wait for film processing. Anyway, here are a few from the night of the Holly, CO tornado:

No pictures of the storm, as I was too late in getting there. We had to backtrack all the way back to Limon, just to find a place to stay for the night.
Law enforcement had most of the town closed off, and I respected that, so just snapped a few shots on the south side of the highway.
Power was out, so the photos are quite blurry. Sad there was a fatality in that town.
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Patrick Romans

Okay, finally able to post on here so here goes. I and my two chase partners made the trip to around Dodge City and managed to get on the storm that produced the wedge northwest of Dodge. Was a very active night of chasing and we managed to get a few night time shots of that cell. The files are too large to post here so I have them here


Gene Thieszen, Walt Gish, and I left Cordell around 1p.m. for Childress, TX. After a data update we set our target area for Quitique, TX. We sat there and waited for things to develope then headed out toward Lone Star where we caught our first tornado. We followed the first storm up toward Silverton where we ran out of road options and were forced to take the southern storm near the Caprock Canyon. All in all we recorded 12 tornadoes!!!:D
TX Tornado 15.JPG

TX Tornado 6.JPG

TX Tornado 9.JPG

TX Tornado 2.JPG

TX Tornado 4.JPG

Visit my myspace page @ www.myspace.com/e_sipes