I was on the storm in NW Kansas in Decator (not sure if that's spelled right) county. I only got one tornado. It was high contrast cone that was on the ground for 10-15 minutes. Oddly enough they didn't even have a severe thunderstorm warning out when I called the tornado in. It was showing strong rotation for a good 10 minutes before it produced so I don't know how that one slipped by the weather service. Anyways, not a bad day. I wish I would have gotten multiple tornadoes, but it's tough to complain when you get on a tornadic supercell in March. I'll post again with some video or pics when I get home this afternoon. Congratulations to everybody who bagged the tornadoes yesterday.

Chad Love

Feb 19, 2004
Caught the Booker/Beaver County tornado as it crossed the state line in to Beaver County and stayed with it until it hit the house north of US 270. I'm a state stringer for the Oklahoman so I had to break off and go cover the fatalities but I think the tornado roped out about six miles north of there. I did see one other tornado form and briefly touch down to the east and north of the first one. There was some damage reported near Mocaine and this second tornado may have caused that, I don't know.

The house and good-sized barn were completely destroyed. Bad scene. Wild night. 270 was shut down due to powerlines and the section roads were nothing but mud. I had to get back to Woodward so I could file before deadline so I locked the hubs, crossed my fingers and went muddin'. Took a while but I made it. Intense wind and rain on the way home.

My pics are up on the Oklahoman website and in today's metro edition but for the life of me I can't find a link to them on the Oklahoman website. I know they're there somewhere because someone posted a link to them in one of the local newspaper forums (pasted below).

I have to go back today for a follow-up story and I'll try to post some damage pics later.

Chad Love

Apr 23, 2006
Flower Mound, TX
TARGET WAS: Eastern Texas Panhandle. RESULT: WOWZA. The Marshall's first got on the Silverton storm and saw a tornado travel from about 10 SW of Silverton to just west of town. A second tornado then formed north of town and headed off the caprock. Since we ran out of road options, we dropped southeast to a second storm. Saw a highly visible, long track tornado travel from near Caprock Canyons State Park to southwest of Clarendon. We ended the chase between Hedley and McLean when it got dark. Each tornado had intermittent contact with the ground. Rather than calling them separate tornadoes, I counted only one tornado per mesocyclone. Thus, we saw three. Shot more than 100 slides and lots of video. Quickly making up for last years bustolas. TM
Jun 12, 2004
Athens, OH
Crazy day.

Got to the target of McCook Ne as the watch areas went up. The Nebraska watch area was roadless and remote so we played the CO/KS line. The supercells went up and they went up quick. Unfortunately the cells did not start to spin until after dark. Saw some nice cells. We were headed for the St. Francis Bird City cell but we stopped to photo the sunset and there was no good aproach to that cell from our position anyhow. Half of the game was getting in position on one cell well another was coming up from the south, one that you would NOT be in good position for.

Extremely close for us, the sunset was the issue. One more hour of daylight and we could have just sat in place and watched three tornadoes pass by.

So heading into Goodland once the sun set and dodging tornadoes all the way. Once the sun sets we choose to dodge the tornadoes rather than chase them.

So no clear views or pics of an tornadoes for us. Still a nice day and some crazy fun.


B Doss

Aug 17, 2005
Austin, TX
Decided to hang west of my original target area and drive around the pastures of my home town. Started out with the Floydada cell and stuck to it like glue, it never really tickled my pickle but it tried. Other than that, I saw about the same as you guys. Congratulations damnit:D
Briscoe Co. HWY 256.

Feb 3, 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
Left Omaha 9:45 AM targeting Colby, KS. Ended up driving to Garden City before returning north along the dryline. This was my first chase in the high plaines and I hope not my last. This was awesome, we intercepted a supercell with history of tornadoes about 3mi east of Goodland, in the town of Edna. 6 tornadoes on tape after all was said and done unfortunately half of them were after dark including this monster wedge.

We were able to follow this for over one hour on the ground before we ran out of good roads near Bird City, Ks. This began forming right over our heads near Edna. The only draw back to this chase was the $250 that I spent on gas.

Caleb Kimbrough

Aaron and I ended up in Bird City (The only Bird City in the USA by the way...at least that is what their sign said) early in the afternoon waiting for initiation. We watched a couple of storms go up in Eastern Colorado but we decided to get on the storm that passed by Colby. We intercepted it about 10-15 miles North of Colby where it pretty much died down. We then headed to Goodland to catch the tornado warned storms in that area.

NW Kansas has really crappy road choices. It may be flat....but it doesn't matter if you can't get close to the storm. We tried to find a North/South road to get closer to the storm but we ended up just camping out on the side of the interstate watching it move in. The sun was setting but we still got treated to a pretty good show.

We watched a funnel and some massive rotation while the storm was South of the interstate, it passed almost directly overhead and then the tornado dropped again a little bit North of the interstate and we followed it for a little while. I was busy taking pictures of the sunset while my brother was recording the tornado....go figure :p We were going to follow the storm but decided to just head home as it was dark out by this time. The Ness County tornado warned storm gave us a pretty good lightning show on the way home...

It was a very fun chase day and we had the chance to see our first tornado of the year, which was satisfying. Hopefully next time we can be in better position with more daylight left, that's my goal. Our dad couldn't be with us for this chase unfortunately, but hopefully we get plenty more good setups this year.

Here are a few pictures:

The Goodland storm passing over the interstate at sunset:

This was just south of the interstate... There was a lot of good rotation going on in there.

Sorry for the crappy tornado picture. I promise to do better next time.

And this is of the Colby storm earlier in the day.

Craig Maire II


Arrived in the town of Grant in Perkins County Nebraska last night as the tornado sirens were going off and hail began to fall, had to take cover as power got knocked out and a large tornado just missed the town. After I felt safe I proceeded up highway 61 and shot video and took video grabs of a large cone tornado which lasted for quite some time! I've got 3 video grabs on my website with more to come shortly when I get back home. You can see these pics at easterniowastormchaser.com in the Latest Chase Section.What an EXCITING NIGHT!! :D Sorry to hear about those fatalities down south though my heart goes out to all those who were affected by yesterdays severe weather.
Jul 17, 2004
Piedmont, OK
Still trying to come down to earth!

Charles Edwards, along with Mark McGowen, Matt Starkey and myself had one of the most spectacular chases ever. We witnessed at least 6 separate tornadoes, maybe as many as 8. These included the complete cycles of the Silverton tornado and the long tracked Briscoe/Donley County tornado that we saw from at least 12-13 miles away and passed us within a mile and a half from a high vantage point ... the video I captured is easily the best footage I have ever taken.

I'll have a more complete summary with stills and video's from Charles's Cloud 9 website hopefully within a day or two.
The only down side to this day was the lives who were adversely effected on this historic day. Otherwise, in my 25 years of chasing... hands down, this was the best.

Jul 13, 2004
Olathe, KS
Left Lubbock at 5pm and managed to catch what was originally the Floydada storm. We didn't see the large tornado reported near South Plains even though we were right on the wall cloud. But then it went off the caprock and seemed to go nuts. Not sure how many individual tornadoes, but I am sure that it doesn't matter. Good stuff.

It looks like the West Texas Mesonet station at McLean was hit by a tornado. According to WTM director Wes Burgett, the tower is bent but it took data through the whole ordeal...127mph peak gust and 9mb pressure drop. Check out the meteogram at http://www.mesonet.ttu.edu/temp/message_mclean.html.


Feb 22, 2004
Golden, CO

My son Eric and I left Denver at 7:00am and after talking to Chris Rozoff decided that we could make the southern target in OK/TX. With nowcasting along the way by Tony Laubach we setup shop in Beaver County, OK and watched eagerly as the cells south of Amarillo went crazy. Late afternoon cells finally began to show some life in our area and a multi-cell passed over the county and split from the southern cell which quickly became a meso and began showing great structure over Booker, TX.

We watched a wispy touchdown east of Booker, TX, then a cone touching down, a landspout and cone on the ground at the same time and then a stout stovepipe tornado as the storm moved from TX into OK.

We headed north and shot east again and came over the hill at roughly the time the house with the 2 fatalities was hit. We learned about this later in the night and were not aware of this tragedy at the time.

We were able to pull right up the tornado as it went from a wedge into a double vortex that rotated around itself in the most amazing site I have ever seen. At this point the tornado retrograded west in the field just 1/8 mile from us.

We got easily 45 minutes of tornado footage from this supercell. What an amazing chase, although tempered by the 2 fatalities.

Have many more images to process and video to review.
Here is a YouTube of our video from TWC this morning:

Weather Channel Video:

Edit: coming home last night to Denver around 9pm we were going to go through Holly, CO and on to Pueblo and then north on I-25. The road was blocked by Emergenct Management, we thought it was because of flooding along the Arkansas River. We later learned about the Holly, CO tornado devastation.

Edit: Vance and Barbara Woodbury where the two people killed in this tornado, they were ranchers and had lived in Elmwood, OK all thier lives. Our hearts and prayers go out to thier family.
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Very exhausting chase as I battled very poor roads and a POS video camera to keep up with the Bird City Tornado. I tracked the tornado right up to Bird City and drove through a portion of the town, it appeared that it was spared, just some minor tree damage and they were without power, but just to the East of Bird City I could not continue due to downed power lines and from there had a hard time keeping up with the tornado. To the NW of Bird City closer to the NE line I also came across what appeared to be another damage path as I had to zig zag around hay bells thrown all over and across the road, also came across baseball sized stones along that same road.

Just a couple of pics, more to come in the Future!!

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Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
Add me to the frenzy. I came late to the show, but still managed to pull out a number of tornadoes - some daylight, and some night. Talk about chaser convergence frenzy...it was pandemonium out there. I'll update later with pics as I have time. Checking out today, tomorrow, and the next. Congrats to the rest of you. Man this was an incredible day!!!
Dec 9, 2003
Dan Dawson, Robin Tanamachi, Gabe Garfield, Kim Klockow, Gerard Jebaily, myself, and others share a similar story to many. We waited in Shamrock for a good deal of the afternoon until bailing on the split supercell amidst reports of a tornado with the cell southwest of the Silverton / near Floydada. By the time we made it down there, the southernmost storm was coming up from the South Plains area, and we stopped at an excellent location NNW of Turkey. We watched the relatively long-lived tornado west of Hwy 70 (SW of Brice) with what seemed like everyone else and their parents. With the storm moving NNE, we opted to head to Clarendon, then east towards Hedley. Along the way, we saw a brief touchdown just south of 287 ESE of Lelia Lake / W of Hedley (after experience nickel to quarter size hail). The storm transitioned to the wet side of classic (or even HP) for a little while thereafter. We saw extremely rapid rotation SSW of McLean for quite some time, and we confirmed at least one respctable stovepipe tornado a few miles SSW of McLean. Like others, we experienced golf-ball sized hail near McLean (we saw larger on the ground), and, while getting onto I40 east from McLean, we saw very bright power flashes as a substantial tornado moved just north of I40. Though it was dark, we continued with the supercell northward to Kellerville. While just south of Kellerville, we saw a large tornado to our distant NNW, lit only occassionally by lightning. After looking and reading reports (I'll have to match up time), it appears that this tornado may have been the one SW of Mobeetie. Gas and bathroom concerns took us to Wheeler, which was out of power. So, with little confidence in finding a gas station nearby, and radar showing decreasing intensities, we opted to call off the chase and head home via Shamrock and I40... Shamrock was a zoo, owing to the fact that I40 westbound was closed between McLean and Shamrock. We finally made it back to OUN around 2am.

Overall, of course, this was a very successful chase. We almost got bit by staying around the Shamrock crap-vection too long. Fortunately, timing worked out quite nice, as did the favorable storm motion relative to Hwy 70 near and south of Clarendon. In the end, we are very confident in seeing 5 tornadoes (I know I only mentioned 4 above -- I can't remember the 5th at this time), and we may have seen up to 7. I'll obviously need to look through video and photos later to more thoroughly document (time+location) each tornado. We also only ran across 2-3 bozos who decided that it was fine to stop and park on the road. It never ceases to amaze me how folks think they can stop in the lane, park, and get our of their vehicle(s). Seriously... For the most part, however, most chasers/spotters/locals I saw parked well off the roadway. It was a little tricky at times given the muddy shoulders that yielded potential for getting stuck, however.

I was surprised to see the storm make such little eastward progress, particularly considering the southwesterly mid- and upper-level flow on the 00z AMA sounding (which was more veered than I was expecting, even that far south). It is quite amazing to see 3000+ j/kg SBCAPE in the panhandles and high plains this early in the year, that's for sure!
Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
Finally got some video and grabs ready:

9 full minutes of nothing but tornadoes! 71 megs good size/quality


Couple of highlights:

Basically, targeted Plainview, TX. My first storm initiated about 15 miles to my south and I intercepted it to the SE. Got the first tornado just east of Plainview near Aiken, and continued to get tornado after tornado until I was forced to let it slide when I got to the Canyon at Silverton. I watched twin tornadoes slide off into the rain from the north side of Silverton.

Backtracked south a little and intercepted a new storm and followed it to I40. A bad road choice around the Caprock Canyons state park prevented me the views some people got of the long lived tornado there, but I did still get to see it.

Michael O'Keeffe

Reviewed video and saw 7 tornadoes from what I saw! I have some video stills of the better tornadoes from yesturday.

3 tornadoes on the ground at once looking NW on US160 east of Meade KS. Contrast enhanced.

A cone tornado descends looking N south of Dodge City, KS. Sorry for the crappy quality.

The cone from the image above to the left and a wedge back in the cell on the right.

Going to work on the chase log a bit later as I need a brake after reviewing the video for a few hours.
Mar 23, 2004
I've finished a 7 minute clip from the chase yesterday. Awesome storm, HOT DRY RFD, I can't stress this enough. Have video from wall cloud to multi-vortex to skinny needle, to truncated cone to cone to stovepipe. Longest tornado I've witnessed on the ground. The structure was incredible, unfortunately we didn't get a great shot of the mothership meso because it was very dark when we stopped chasing the tornadoes and got enough room for a wide angle storm shot. Total of 5 tornadoes, 2 after dark which were very ominous and damaging up along I-40 near McLean.

Enough banter, here's the link:

Walt Gish, Eric Sipes and I left Cordell, OK at 1pm for Childress, TX and a brief data stop after which we proceeded to our target area at Quitaque. We paused there for a while watching towers go up and monitoring radar until we made the choice to intercept the storm that was rapidly developing near Plainview. We were in position on SR 378 just S of Lone Star when it dropped its first tornado at 5:15pm. The tornado dissipated rather quickly and after 6-7 minutes a second developed from the same wall-cloud. Then road options forced us to backtrack a bit and we caught up with the storm again at Silverton, filming the stovepipe that passed to the NW from a point just E of town. Heading E on 256 we intercepted the storm coming up from Floydada and filmed the entire life-cycle of the Caprock Canyon tornado, much of it from the jct of 256 and 70. Following the storm N to Clarendon we blasted ESE to our next N option near Hedley and followed 273 to McLean, filming several tornadoes on the way as darkness fell, including a very large, partially rain-wrapped wedge. At McLean we quickly drove E on I-40 and headed N on the Kellerville road and stopped to film what appeared to be yet another large tornado with satellites. Broke off the chase at around 9pm. Review of video shows we filmed at least 9 tornadoes, perhaps more--in the darkness, illumined only briefly by lightning, it isn't always easy to determine exactly what one is seeing.

Heres the weblink to our chase account and pics. http://www.geocities.com/genet_99/wxtreme_2007_032.htm
WXtreme Chase Team
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Jan 7, 2006
Crazy day, easily my best chase so far. Caught the Brice tornado and watched it from touchdown to roping out from the backlit perspective - about 5-6 miles to the east (2 E Brice). Wish I would've gotten closer before setting up the camera and such, but coming down towards the US-70/TX-256 intersection we ran into some sizeable hail and I decided I wanted to get a bit east and avoid it - bad move in the end, as it would've been well worth some dents to get a closer vantage point! Pics to come shortly.

JR Hehnly

Dec 7, 2003
Oklahoma City
Similar story as everyone else. We stayed in Childress until initiation, then intercepted the storm near Silverton. Followed it as far north as possible before breaking off to go back and catch the southern storm. At one point we took a short dirt road that was actually just mud. Gravity pulled the vehicle sideways into the ditch, which was full of water. I was able to keep the vehicle moving and drive out of the ditch about 1/4 mile later, but I thinkthe 2 ft deep water or something in it we hit damaged the engine because about 9pm the engine started knocking and died. We were towed back to OKC. It was worth it, though!


I think the red is water from the Red River.