Michael O'Keeffe


Had a pretty good chase! Wish I was in Texas though. Anyway saw 3 tornadoes in SW Kansas south of DDC. We may have possibly saw another one, but we are not quite sure. Have to review our video. The first tornado was a classic elephant trunk and the second was a large wedge, but it was at night. Will post video ASAP. Congrats to all those who made it to Texas and scored HUGE!!!!!! Will post a chase log later today.

Here is a video still of the second tornado.
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Apr 4, 2005
Saw two large tornadoes on the southernmost storm, one north of Turkey, the other north of Quail (just after sunset). Incredible storm, incredible structure, esp. just before it produced the Quail tornado. The inflow on this thing was insane, and when we got hit with the RFD as the meso crossed the road, we really got slammed. Hurricane force winds at least, no question about it, probably quite a bit stronger. Nice way to end the tornado drought I've been having since June 12, 2004.
Sep 7, 2005
Ozark, AR
Chase Report Done: HERE VIDEO: HERE

Saw 7 tornadoes over the course of about 2 1/2 hours.

First tornadoes were north of Silverton, Tx

I saw four seperate tornadoes in this area.

Made mistake here and went south of Caprock Canyons State Park instead of north but we could still see #5 developing to our north

The rest of the chase wasnt as eventfull but got a few nice pictures and 2 other tornadoes. The first picture below shows the storm just before it got dark between McLean and Clarendon, Tx. The second shows a tornado that touched down for just a moment about 15-20 miles south of McLean, Tx but the picture doesnt show it as good as a previous lightning strike I missed. And the 3rd picture shows wall cloud northeast of McLean, Tx.

(you can see the full versions on the chase report..didnt want to clutter)​
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Sep 12, 2005
Borger, TX
Gods the only one that knows how many different tornadoes dropped out of the storm I chased. Just an opinion, I would have to say 5.......Heck of a day.

Chased the storm that blew up 4 miles to the east of Booker, TX in Lipscomb County. Tornado formed 200 yards to my north on View point road. the Tornado crossed Hwy 15 and continued north, reached the OK state line and there was couple people killed by the storm and you can see on one of the photos of the house roof being taken off.......Storm continued to gain stength and became a multiple votez wedge. The tornado dissipated 6 miles north of highway 3 in Beaver County.

Tornado was on the ground for 32:12 minutes
2 fatalities in Beaver County

Sorry about the photo quality, these are video still shots......
I will be uploading YOUTUBE video


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Saw 5 tornadoes all around Goodland and areas N from there, three of them after dark and two of them on the ground at once, one of the tornadoes at night (a large wedge) was on the ground for a very long time and I am guessing was ATLEAST a half mile wide as we followed it up horrible dirt roads right towards bird city. Still on the road, will sort through pics and stuff tommorow. Maybe if I have time as it looks like another chase day.
Apr 18, 2005
Had an exam at OU in Norman, which ran from 4-5pm, so I didn't leave Norman until ~5:10pm, but still managed to grap a couple tornadoes in the TX Panhandle near and after dark! The tornadoes were sweet, but I feel even better that I destroyed (performed very well) that exam!


Feb 28, 2007
Kansas City, MO
I will post a full report tomorrow as I still have 150 miles to get back to KC. I traveled 450 miles and missed the big show just south of Goodland by about 20 minutes. C'est la vie. It was still a good chase though and I did get some cool shots, including my first lightning shot after dark. More details and pics to come after I've had some sleep. Congrats to all who caught some tornadoes today.
Sep 15, 2005
Troy, NY
I don't really post chase reports, but I want to for this event. Kenichi and I left OUN at about 3:00 pm to go SW on 44 to Lawton after seeing a building CU field in the area on sat. At 4:30 we made it to Lawton and continued west to Altus to get food and decide if we should drive into Texas (which would make it a full day commitment). We finally drove into TX and got east of Childress around 7pm. We made it to Wellington around 7:45 and at 8:00 pm we intercepted the infamous Mclean, TX mothership using only luck and smartphone google maps (on route 3143):D . Since it was after dark by 8:30'ish we could see some serious lighting behind a lowering wallcloud and within a few moments we could make out a stovepipe tornado. We sat SE of Mclean and watched to see what happend, thankfully (at the time) it looked like the tornado had lifted and Mclean seemed undamaged, we got on I-40 and stopped several times to look at the storm as it moved quite rapidly to our north (we also noticed that they had closed I-40 going west). I hope to find a way to do some screen grabs of my video of the tornado in the next few days and I am curious to see the track of the tornado since there are now reports that Mclean may have been hit.

May 1, 2004
Springfield, IL
Video of the tornado near Goodland, KS

Full Log and Pictures

Caravanned with Jerry Funfsinn, intercepted 5 tornadoes and two funnels including:
a rain wrapped funnel 2/3's way down
a beautiful trunk backlit by the setting sun
another trunk lightning illuminated
a large wedge backlit by lightning observed for well over a half hour
a cone tornado on the ground with the wedge

We had a funnel under a storm to the north earlier and a needle funnel after the first tornado, but it did not touch down. Also saw nice supercell striations and fantastic lightning.

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Sep 12, 2005
Borger, TX
Im going to go ahead and post another reply in this thread since the tornado did cross state lines and into Beaver, County and did damage. The tornado touched down in Lipscomb County about 3 hundred yards in front of me, LOL....Tornado quickly moved north, across hwy 15 and eventually into Beaver county. The tornado was rope like at the beginning and it quickly evolved into a monster multiple vortex wedge.............
During this time, a rope like tornado developed and struck a house, killing 2, it was hard to watch that happen. The second video grab shows the house being hit. After that, it just turned into a wedge fest...................LOL
Hope to have youtube videos tommarrow

Tornado stayed on the ground for a total of 32 minutes
Tornado traveled a little over 20 miles.
2 fatalities


Jason A.C. Brock

I will post pics and links later but to make a long story short. I chased with Jeremy Wilson from the Holy Tornado group and we witnessed about 6 tornadoes from the Chitaque area NE towards Mclean along with 80% of the Panhandle & Norman chasers and their dogs. :p
Apr 24, 2005
Oklahoma City
Me and my chase partner Sergio Blas got on the storm that would pass by Hedley, Tx. We left OKC bout 3pm and made it to Hedley just as they were blowing the sirens there. We watched as the wall cloud moved in our genral direction from the southwest. We satout side Hedley and watched till we started getting quarter sized hail. We head to the east of Hedley to stay out of the path of the wall cloud which ended up to be a goo dthing caused it then produced several funnels. I am not sure if any made contact with the ground. The few that came down real low we didn't get on still but on video. We got the 2 more tornado's north of Hedley heading back towards McLean were I witnessed a small brief tornado that the pic came out horriable, then along with the large caravan of chaser's got glimpes of the McLean tornado. Non on still but maybe on video. Haven't got to review it yet. Not bad for my first chase of this season. 2 to maybe 3. I would like to know if the one by Hedley ever touched down. But any ways here are my pics which I hope I lin k correctly! Can't wait for the next round!:)

OK, so i didn't link them correctly but at least the links work. Good night everyone!
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Dec 27, 2006
Norman, OK / Castle Rock, CO
Same success to report as the others in the panhandle. Saw multiple touchdowns from Briscoe County to McLean.

The best by far was the first in extreme northeastern Briscoe county. It went from a funnel not connected to its base at the ground, to a tube, a stove pipe, and finally roped out in the picturesque sunlight for several minutes.
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May 8, 2004
Central Oklahoma
Visit site
Today was my first chase of the year. Also got a new ride (see avatar), and this was the first time I took it out. Been chasing the last few years in a beat-up old Caprice, so this car is a welcome change. Had to put decals on it so law enforcement wouldn't think I was trying to impersonate.

Went from central Oklahoma to Shamrock, went south a bit, then headed north. Found a storm cycling through wallclouds in far north Texas. Followed the storm into Lipscombe County and stayed with it until it produced. Saw at least 6 separate tornadoes (chase partner claims 8). Unfortunately, I never could get as close as I wanted due to wet dirt roads being the only option. Closest I got was probably 3/4 mi. to a mile away. My video is similar to Brandon Whittington's, only perhaps a bit further away.

The Lipscombe County storm was a very, very nice cyclic tornadic storm. It was a real pity that two people died. An EMT in Laverne, OK told me that the two people had been in the cellar and came out, thinking that the storm was over, only to be killed by it. Have no idea how true that is.

All in all, a great chase day and a great way to break in a new ride. I feel bad that the two people died, but at least it wasn't more. SPC showing 65 preliminary tornadoes. Looking forward to the '07 season!
Mar 21, 2005
Denver, CO
Chased solo today in SW NE. Caught the tornadoes near Grant, NE. Very tired, so here are a couple of pics. Hopefully will get a full report on Thursday.

Dec 20, 2006
Saw lots of action between Silverton and McLean, Texas. I'm sure one of the others will post a more detailed account of what happened so for now I'll just toss up some pictures.


Jay McCoy

Dec 6, 2003
Amarillo, Texas
About the same report as many others. Caught tornados from Silverton NE through McClean.

Also not reported as a tornado yet but it was was the "wind damage" near Miami in Roberts county that destroyed a trailer house and blew over a semi. We drove through the path with numerous snapped trees and powerlines and it was a tornado. hwy 60 was shut down. We were able to get through the scene because Kananis stepdad is the county sheriff and was onscene. Also 1 man was in the trailer house at the time and was killed. So that now makes 3 fatalities for the day :(
Hi, new member here. I live and work in San Jose, CA, so here are some mammatus pics I took up in Marysville, about 1/2 hour north of Sacramento, CA. from this very same system when it was over California a couple of days ago. Plan to go on my first mid-west chase May 17-May 24.

Mike Hollingshead

Here is the short report before I sleep. I'll do a whole deal up later.

I tried to bust, I really did. I'd say I should have, but I had some luck out there waiting around for a while now, and I'd say that's what this mostly was. Anyway, short part.....

I drove back west to Grant to check on my storm I'd been waiting on for what seemed like forever. I thought it was pointless behind the stuff to the southeast, but it became tornado warned so I went back to check it out. Before I got to Grant and before I could really see any structure on the thing, I see a large tornado on the ground. I tried to video tape it as I moved west further. These start after that part on the east side of Grant looking sw, then west.

It was doing some pretty wild things with small and larger vorticies under this bowl. I didn't do well at capturing the larger ones with the still cam(I was doing stills and video....or at least trying to).

Same spot but now looking west towards Grant.

It got rather large as it moved west of town. I left about right now and drove north with it. It stayed on the ground for a while longer, changing shapes, mostly large. I glanced at the video on the way back home and one pause it reminded me of Brady, but at night obviously, and without the same kind of storm structure, but the tube sure did make me think of that. It was even moving nw.

It wrapped in rain and just as fast a new area was spinning up to the se. This area soon had another tornado on the ground. This time it didn't last as long, but the funnel/cone tornado was there for a long time, just having a harder time staying down. I grabbed a pop at Ogallala before heading east, while it was still sort of there to my sw. I soon regretted doing this as the power flickered there. I get on I80 and the winds become ferocious. I was a bit fearful something was again spinning up se of the old area. It sounds like something did some damage to the west side of the town. Anyway, more later. Congrats to the large number of folks who bagged today and sorry to hear the dreadful fatalities that came with this day.

By the way this was a storm just north of the Benklemen stuff, crazy to hear there were large tornadoes south of this one that close.
Booker, Texas/Beaver, Oklahoma, Tornado

Wow, what a trip, in more ways than one. I did get to witness the Booker, Texas/Beaver, Oklahoma wedge tornado. I got a few photographs that I will post sometime tomorrow. I didn't get into a very good position, so my photos are not of the tornado at it largest. I want to thank Joey Ketchum for nowcasting. If it wasn't for him, my day would not have been very eventful. I will post more later today, as I just got home a few minutes ago.

I started out by heading west towards my initial target of Pratt, Kansas. After arriving in Pratt, I checked data, and I determined that I would need to get as far south and west as I possibly could, if I was going to see anything during the daylight hours. I proceeded south through Coldwater, Kansas and then to Woodward, Oklahoma. I got as far southwest as Canadian, Texas, when I determined that the supercell northwest of town was my only hope. I zipped up 83 highway and then caught 23 highway. I headed north towards Booker, Texas, and as I was doing so, I got some good photos of a large wall cloud southeast of Booker. I proceeded north on 23 highway past Booker, and I saw a large tornado on the ground, approximaly 1-2 miles north-northeast of Booker, Texas. As I continued north on 23 highway, I did get some video, looking east, of the large wedge tornado. I turned eastbound on highways 270/412, and continued for about four miles. The tornado had already crossed the highway at this point, so I stopped and got some decent photos of it, as it continued moving north. Unfortunately, not too far from this location, the tornado caused two fatalities.

I traveled a little over 900 miles, and I was rewarded for my efforts. I will attempt to get some still caputures of my video posted to the Chase Log and Photos section of my website, when time permits.

The rest of my photos can be found here.
(The best way to view them is to use the slideshow function)


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Beaver OK deadly tornado

I have been talking with Verne Carlson throught the night and early morning. He was out chasing with his son who is on spring break. They chased the Beaver OK wedge tornado that ended up killing 2 people.

Verne is on his way back to Denver now but I have posted the video up to YouTube for him.


Verne will post the full report later today.
Oct 28, 2006
Dodge City KS
Chased the tornadic storm that passed near Dodge City from its first updraft to Hodgeman Co. Saw 6 tornadoes from this storm and many funnel clouds over 2hr period. most of the larger tornadoes from this storm came after dark, so still pics did not come out only a few before dark. Added some damage shots from 1/2 mile wide tornado NW of Dodge City in Hodgeman Co. Also some video traps of tornado that was west of Dodge City. these are converted to B/W to add contrast to show tornadoes better.
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