2002-06-15: SW Kansas to the Gulf Derecho

Jason A.C. Brock

I am looking for radar pics surface anlysis satellite jsut about anything that can be found on the event that occured on the above date. I can remember being on Vacation at Possum Kingdom lake and it was the final day and we were headed home. I heard their were storms up North & that a PDS severe thunderstorm watch had been issued for Northern Oklahoma so I got home ASAP as I was pulling a pontoon boat.
I arrived in Wichita Falls and couldn believe the storms I had heard about in Kansas were already moving into Southern OK. I pakced my chase gear and headed north towards the line. I started hearing of 80 mph wind reports and semis blown over on hwy 287 just N of Wichita Falls so I blasted south to get ahead of the mess. I ended up in Lakeside city jumped out and took one photo. A massive shelf cloud that looked like a shovel of a dover literally scrapping the ground.....I opend the camera shutter and BOOOOOOM. One of the best photos ive ever taken. It ended up getting published in the Journal of Meteorology and won 2nd place.
Ill try to find that pic n my archives later.
I followed the storm over toward scotlad Texas with power flashes galore and I have never seen so many trees knocked down after this event. Our farm alone with its 1000 acres had about 300 400 year old trees just flattened. I saw LARGE highway signs that hang ove the road sailing way like sheets of paper. I also saw during a flash of lightning one of the HAM repeater towers fall over. MY aunt and mom left a few hours behind us and ended up meeting these storms in Windthorst. The wind blew the back of their car over onto a power pole and they could move. We had to drive in 80 mph winds and flooded roads made us have to take back country detours but we finally found them and got them home safe.
Ill never forget that chase. It hit close to home. Nearly had a power pole strike my drivers side windshield and the damage was from SE Colorado to OKlahoma to Texas Kansas and all the way to the gulf.
It was amazing and id love to see some data and pics and videos of this event. I see they had about 4 tornadoes in Kansas that day as well.
I call it the 6/15/02 Oklahoma Texas Derecho