1998-06-23: Columbus, NE

Rob H

Mar 11, 2009
Twin Cities, MN
Deleting my post. I owe Roy an apology, as since he's the video archive consultant for the Tornado Video Classics video, odds are better that he has permission to post that material more than pretty much anyone else in the world.

I'm eating crow big time for this, but how the heck does an old-school, low-key chaser join in 2010 and put classic videos up on YouTube and it's literally the only time it's legit? Lesson learned, I'm going off to a corner to learn to keep my mouth shut :D
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Dec 8, 2003
Calera, AL
Oh cool, did you secure permission to by the copyright holders? I've seen that video taken down a few times.

edit: It looks like most of the videos on your YouTube channel are from other people? Archiving uncommon footage is a noble goal, but ultimately it's still infringement and to boot you're slapping your watermark on it - ruining some classic footage for no reason other than advertising your name.
Not trying to be a jerk, but you do know that Roy was chasing tornadoes when a lot of people here on Stormtrack weren't even a twinkle in their daddy's teenage eyes and in the 1990's combined his collection of archived videos in collaboration with Tom Grazulis to produce the classic TVC series?
Dec 8, 2003
Calera, AL
I'm not going to edit my last post, but I do want to apologize to Rob. I could have just made my point without seeming to take any personal shots.
Jul 2, 2004
Hastings, Michigan
I have to say, Rob and Mike, that the interaction between you two, while momentarily uncomfortable, is worlds apart from some of the immature, chest-thumping personal attacks I've witnessed here in the past. Kudos to both of you for a classy resolution. Hey, I didn't know that about Roy Britt! And I'm sure glad for the link. In the past, I saw only an abbreviated version of the "Crazy Farmer" video. The thing in its entirety, complete with tornado roar, is just jaw-dropping.

Mark Blue

Staff member
Feb 19, 2007
Admin Note: Thread moved from Marketplace to Historical Sub-Forum

We decided to move this thread to the historical section of the forum as the videos are a documentary of the events that took place that day versus a weather item that was listed for sale or trade. In addition, there are quite a few chasers who believe these videos are some of the best tornado footage ever shot bar none, so we wanted to ensure it was appropriately archived in the correct location here on the forum. Thanks and enjoy the footage if you haven't already done so!
Dec 1, 2005
Norman, OK
I would trade every tornado I have ever seen to have seen this tornado, particularly from "crazy farmer's" veiwpoint. If only HD video cameras existed back then. What a spectacular day. You can find some data on this event at: http://locust.mmm.ucar.edu/ just type in the date.
Ditto, Greg. If I could go back and see any tornado - perhaps even storm - this would be it. The structure on this slow-moving summer storm is insane, coupled with the massive rain-free base and long-lived photogenic monster of a tornado is what chaser dreams are made of.

Jacob Higgins

Mar 10, 2017
Wichita, KS
Amazing pieces of tornado footage! Could really watch these videos over and over again. Probably several years late to say but thank you for sharing!

PS-Speaking of Tom Grazulis and Tornado Video Classics, anybody else hear about the planned updates to 'Significant Tornadoes'?