1996-07-18 Oakfied WI F5

Jul 2, 2004
Hastings, Michigan
Thanks, Ron. I'd love to see that! Unfortunately, it looks like I have to subscribe to the paper in order to do so, and for a simple video viewing via a medium in which I otherwise have no interest, it's just not worth it. I wish the person who took the video would publish it on YouTube or Vimeo. Oakfield was one heck of a storm, and much studied at the time, as I recall.

Ron Riemersma

Thanks Andy-- I was pretty sure their website allowed for a limited number of views before you had to subscribe, that's how I was able to view it as well. I hope the link works for people- I am not aware of it being on any other sites. Interestingly, the article states that he was northwest of Oakfield, which didn't make sense, as the tornado is moving from left to right in the video-- google maps reveals he was actually southwest of the town.