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1992-06-15: NC Kansas Outbreak

This is one of them less talked about tornado days. However, it was very memorable for those who chased it. A rotating cluster of tornadic supercells set up over north-central Kansas and produced tornado after tornado. There were 41 confirmed tornados, including 2 F4s and 2 F3s. Acros Nebraska there were a further 14 tornados including 2 F3s. I know of a few chasers who chased on this day. Anyone on here chase this event?
If there was one past event I wish I could chase, this one would be it. I've seen parts of the video from Gene Rhoden and Dave Gold and the storms that day were something out of a fairy tale. I would absolutely love to see a radar loop of the event to see the evolution of the supercells and their interaction with each other.
I was on that storm fairly early on, and documented the first tornado from that monster. I saw 4 tornadoes that day, and Jon Davies saw several others that I did not see. Doug Nelson was also chasing that storm, dubbed the 'Plainville' storm. Warren Faidley bought some of my footage of those tornadoes for a generic highlight video that he produced in 1991. It was one of my most memorable chases, right up there with the Greensburg storm.
Just curious...the storm which produced 25+ tornadoes...was it anchored on an outflow boundary? Considering you have such a cyclic supercell in mid-June, I would immediately assume some sort of outflow boundary was involved.
Yes. There had been an MCS in northeast Kansas that morning. The surface and satellite data are sketchy but from everything I've been able to gather, the tail end of the boundary was on a Beloit - Herington axis at initiation time. The stuff in Nebraska I'm not sure about as I don't have much overnight data for that MCS and I'm not sure what the pre-existing boundary fields were like in that area.


Matt McCune

I live in plainville. My dad worked at the feedlot that got hit. my aunt and uncles house was destroyed by the plainville tornado. I remember seeing it from town (I was 12). Crazy to see people who chased that storm! small world!