1970 Lubbock Tornado Memorial Dedicated

Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
(NWS LUB) The time was 9:46 PM. Lubbock, TX momentarily stopped. In the tumultuous seconds that followed, the City would experience such calamity that it would alter its course forward and leave an everlasting impression. 51 years later, out of the chaos rises a peaceful place. A place of remembrance and reflection. A place to mourn those lost to the storm and to ponder on all that has been gained in the decades since.

On May 11, 2021, Lubbock dedicated a memorial to the 1970 tornado victims.

The 1970 Lubbock Tornado Memorial at Lubbock National Bank Park (the Park) was designed by Architect Stephen Faulk, of MWM Architects, Inc., and is a 3D artistic representation of Dr. Ted Fujita’s historic map of the events of May 11, 1970 (see below). Two 18-ft black granite paneled walls twist and wind
through the Park, following the paths of the two tornadoes on Fujita’s map. The ground of the Memorial is a map of the Lubbock city streets, which the walls traverse. A fountain is located on the north side to provide a peacefulness and a place for reflection. Four artistic lamp posts encompass the walls and represent the various emotions felt the night of the tornado. Trees are planted throughout the Park, not only to provide beauty to this green space, but also to act as a barrier between the Park and the street. Benches throughout the Park will provide a place of rest, and finally, a school roundabout has been built into the east side of the Park for school children to safely stop on their way to visit Buddy Holly Hall or more attractions in downtown. At the east end of the Memorial stands a lone, broken utility pole...actual wreckage from that night.

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James K

Mar 26, 2019
This sounds & looks pretty cool. Neat how they made the walls follow the tornadoes paths (and seeing that...weird how one made a loop!)

Probably be very interesting to walk through & look at everything. (not that I'd ever be in Lubbock...but still)