1825-05-18: Ohio Tornado


I am currently looking up old tornado events and came across an article that talked about a tornado that occured on May 18, 1825. The article says the tornado was violent and caused alot of damage. The article also says a young girl was sucked up into the tornado and then gently put back down on the ground. I would think there would be more information online about this tornado but I can't find any.

The article title says it hit Seneca County and the town of Burlington. The article says Burlington was the hardest hit and is taken from the Seneca County history. Seneca County is in northern Ohio and Burlington is in northwest Ohio next to Interstate I-80 which is no where near Seneca County. The article later says the tornado touched down in Delaware county and moved though Licking, Knox and Coshocton counties. These counties are in central Ohio which would put the tornado just north and east of Columbus. Does anyone know of any websites that have a better description of where the tornado actually occured or any information about it? I checked the tornado project website and they only had events after 1900 and had several counties not even listed. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks.

Link to the website article: http://www.gendisasters.com/data1/oh/tornadoes/senecaco-tornado-may1825.htm


Mar 1, 2004
Lansing, MI
Burlington Township is in Licking County, so that might be the town you are looking for. My guess is you'll find more into in Grazulis' book.

I used Google and one of the first results was Ludlam, D.M., 1970: The great tornado outbreak of 18 May 1825 in Ohio: The Burlington Storm. Early American Tornadoes 1586- 1870. Boston: American Meteorological Society, 103-106

I think that's online too.


Thanks Rdale I apreciate the help. I thought the event would be in both the green book by Thomas Grazulis and Ludlam's Early American tornadoes. I will check out those books.
Jan 19, 2010
Columbus, OH
This is very interesting to me. I live in Delaware County along the Scioto River and have never heard of this. I could see if I can get in touch with a local agency to find out more.