Mar 28, 2016
Hyannis, MA
Anyone remember this series of storms? Harvester, a hamlet near my then home got hit by what was later determined to be an F1 tornado. We were out on the Mississippi River on a friends boat when the storms started rolling in. We were driving home on Hwy B and Huster Road when we were hit by the RFD. On the radio the announcer said there was a tornado warning for Saint Charles County. The storms formed out in central MO and crawled eastward I guess. I wasn't old enough to chase, as I was nine years old.

Another question, does anyone remember the bow echo that moved through St. Louis on the 21st, which was a Thursday? We were sitting in class when it moved through. It got dark as midnight with a greenish tinge. Someone yelled out that there was going to be a tornado and the whole class freaked out. I remember how vivid the lightning was. The bow echo formed out in Nebraska, moved east and then southeast through St. Louis.