1. Peter B. Creedon


    Anyone remember this series of storms? Harvester, a hamlet near my then home got hit by what was later determined to be an F1 tornado. We were out on the Mississippi River on a friends boat when the storms started rolling in. We were driving home on Hwy B and Huster Road when we were hit by the...
  2. Introducing Radarchive

    ** Link temporarily removed by ST moderator *** Most radar programs only have 4 precipitation types. This radar program has 5 precipitation types. Most radar programs only have current radar. This radar program shows current and past radar.
  3. Robert Forry

    2016-03-15 EVENT: MO/IL/IN/MI/OH

    A potent upper level level system with short wave trough will eject out of the four corners region tonight and advect into the Northern Plains/Upper MS Valley tomorrow. Trough progged to take on a negative tilt with a 90-100 kt jet core as the system moves into IL by 3Z Wednesday. Divergence in...
  4. KendraReed

    Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Have Become More Common

    Thoughts? "Now, a new study shows that the average number of tornadoes in these outbreaks has risen since 1954, and that the chance of extreme outbreaks —tornado factories like the one in 2011—has also increased."
  5. Dan Ross

    EF4+ Tornado Frequency

    First off, this thread isn't about debating the NWS's EF rating for any particular tornado event, but rather to speculate on the actual frequency of tornadoes with EF4+ wind speeds. Most chasers/enthusiasts are probably familiar with the statistic that only 1-2% of tornadoes are EF4 or greater...
  6. Steve Burrows

    Canterbury, NZ Tornado

    Below video (not mine) taken of a Tornado captured on Sunday in New Zealand. Unsure if its a tornado or Landspout, either way pretty impressive. Photos up on here: Im still kicking myself that I missed this considering it was only two hours away from my...
  7. Taylor Wright

    Drones and their Role in Weather

    I've thought about this subject a lot recently, as drones will soon be as common as point-and-shoot cameras, and there's much to be discussed about them. For example: 1) How ethical is it to use drones to obtain tornado footage then sell it and claim it as your own, even if the drone was not on...