1. Jeremy Perez

    2018-10-21 REPORTS: AZ

    On Sunday, October 21st, tropical moisture was in place over Arizona, with a low impinging on it from the west. So southwest flow was in play over the Mogollon Rim Convergence Zone (MRCZ). Work had been a bear and I’d been dealing with a chest cold the previous few days so I wasn’t exactly eager...
  2. Mike Thornton

    8/18/2005 Stoughton, WI Tornado - Short Documentary

    This tornado impacted my life hugely, it is why I love Meteorology and Weather! On August 18th, 2005 27 tornadoes touched down in Wisconsin. The most significant being the Stoughton F-3 Tornado. Video link here!
  3. Jeff Duda

    Storms of the decade: the 2010s (pre-discussion)

    I want to start a thread discussing the best storms of the entire 2010s decade. Please submit a nomination or two for the types of high magnitude storms that occurred between 2010 and now that you don't think come around but once every 10 years or so. Yes, I know the decade is not over yet. We...
  4. Jim Keener

    Where is the weather?

    Greetings. I'm looking for a site which will tell me, "Look for a supercell here." Or the next best thing. On a broader level, I suppose my question is, "How do I find and identify ideal weather conditions?" See? I don't even know how to ask the question. Background. I'm studying a basic...
  5. Electromagnetic nature of tropical cyclones, tornadoes and supercell storms

    Looking at the literature as shown in these references 1) 2) 3)...
  6. Steve Miller

    McGregor, IA tornado damage may be worse than first thought

    The mayor of the northeast Iowa town of McGregor, struck by a tornado Wednesday night, says damage to the city’s downtown is likely even worse than what many people initially thought. Harold Brooks says it’s still unclear how many buildings on Main Street were destroyed. “They’re finding out...
  7. Will we see an EF5 tornado in 2017?

    What do you guys think? I myself think it's a good possibility. With us already having a violent tornado, the EF4 in Perryville MO, this early in the year I think an EF5 might happen in 2017. Heck the last EF5 happened almost 4 years ago. And they usually occur every few years. 59 have happened...
  8. Brandon Sullivan

    Man Compares Storm to Quarterback.. Haha!

    "Eddie Ellingburg, a Rankin County resident, told WJTV’s Malary Pullen that “it looked like Fitzgerald running through the Ole Miss line with all the trees laying over.” Nick Fitzgerald is the quarterback for Mississippi State University. The Bulldogs recently defeated Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl...
  9. Danny Neal

    Tragic Events Across the South and Safety Tips

    A suspected tornado that tore through Alabama early Wednesday killed three people and injured at least two others, officials said. Two people also were killed in Tennessee in the band of severe weather that barreled through the Southeast. One storm ripped through Jackson County in northeastern...
  10. adlyons

    2016-10-04 EVENT: TX, OK, KS.

    SPC SWOD48 has highlight a 15% risk area for day 6 across portions of the southern plains for a potential severe weather day. This has been something myself and a few friends have been watching on the long range guidance for a few days now. It has remained remarkably consistent over the last...
  11. Michael Snyder

    La Nina Watch cancelled

    La Nina Watch has been cancelled and we look to be heading into ENSO Neutral conditions this winter and next spring. I'll take a look at the ENSO numbers with regards to Neutral year conditions, and Ill also compare how we came out of the El Nino year and the low number of tornadoes we have been...
  12. Dan Ross

    2016-07-15 REPORTS: CO/KS/TX/OK

    Headed out the door initially targeting Burlington, CO since cold outflow from overnight/morning convection in Nebraska was pushing about that far south. Cells started to pop about around 1:00pm, with the most robust updraft near the KS border. It assumed supercell structure right away and was...
  13. Robert Forry

    2016-06-11 Event: ND/SD

    At least for now, late Saturday afternoon/early evening look conditionally like a severe weather opportunity across SC ND and parts of adjacent SD. An approaching upper level system and Pacific trough should allow for a surface low to develop out over eastern Montana, and as the GFS is...
  14. Steve Miller

    Tornado Violence: Are Tornadic Images In The Media To Blame?

    DEL CITY, OK—It's been almost two weeks now, but life still hasn't returned to normal for the residents of this central Oklahoma town. It probably never will. On May 3, Del City and its surrounding area was shattered by a shocking act of violence that took 41 lives—not to mention this peaceful...
  15. Steve Miller

    Climate Denier Plots to Make Your Storm Warnings Worse

    Swapping government weather data for private predictions sounds benign. But the plan from a GOP congressman could actually give people less time to get away from a deadly storm. Full read...
  16. Greg McLaughlin

    2016-04-11 REPORTS: TX

    I went on an impromptu solo chase down to northeast Texas. I left Tulsa around noon with Greenville, TX as my target. Overall the environment didn't look that favorable for tornadoes, especially low-level shear, however an outflow boundary present and surface-based supercells forecast to...
  17. Peter B. Creedon


    Anyone remember this series of storms? Harvester, a hamlet near my then home got hit by what was later determined to be an F1 tornado. We were out on the Mississippi River on a friends boat when the storms started rolling in. We were driving home on Hwy B and Huster Road when we were hit by the...
  18. Introducing Radarchive

    ** Link temporarily removed by ST moderator *** Most radar programs only have 4 precipitation types. This radar program has 5 precipitation types. Most radar programs only have current radar. This radar program shows current and past radar.
  19. Robert Forry

    2016-03-15 EVENT: MO/IL/IN/MI/OH

    A potent upper level level system with short wave trough will eject out of the four corners region tonight and advect into the Northern Plains/Upper MS Valley tomorrow. Trough progged to take on a negative tilt with a 90-100 kt jet core as the system moves into IL by 3Z Wednesday. Divergence in...
  20. KendraReed

    Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Have Become More Common

    Thoughts? "Now, a new study shows that the average number of tornadoes in these outbreaks has risen since 1954, and that the chance of extreme outbreaks —tornado factories like the one in 2011—has also increased."