1. Bennington 2 near Chapman

    Bennington 2 near Chapman

  2. Bennington 2 near I-70

    Bennington 2 near I-70

  3. Bennington 2 - halfway through

    Bennington 2 - halfway through

  4. Bennington 2

    Bennington 2

  5. Dodge


    First funnel of Dodge, May 24, 2016
  6. Dodge


    One of many tornadoes to be seen near Dodge City, Kansas - May 24, 2016
  7. South of Hereford, TX Tornado October 7, 2018

    South of Hereford, TX Tornado October 7, 2018

    One of my better needle in a haystack captures. As far as I know only three other chasers got to see this tornado.
  8. Nebraska Tornado 5/17/2019

    Nebraska Tornado 5/17/2019

    My chase partner Dakota Maynard shot this photo of me filming the Farnam, NE tornado on May 17, 2019. This was only my second chase in the state of Nebraska and it paid huge dividends.
  9. Elmer, Oklahoma Wedge Tornado

    Elmer, Oklahoma Wedge Tornado

    Violent wedge tornado with storm structure near Elmer, OK on May 16, 2015
  10. Sunset Tornado

    Sunset Tornado

    Rope tornado at sunset near Sciota, IL on December 23, 2015. Rated EF-1.
  11. Vona, CO Tornadoes

    Vona, CO Tornadoes

    Large cone tornado near Vona, CO with satellites periodically touching down in the streamwise vorticity current (SVC) to the east.
  12. EF2 Tornado Timelapse- Paducah, KY -March 14, 2019

    EF2 Tornado Timelapse- Paducah, KY -March 14, 2019

  13. Translucent Tornado (4/22/2010)

    Translucent Tornado (4/22/2010)

    A tornado near Goodnight, TX on April 22, 2010 entering the rope out phase.
  14. The Dodge City Dance

    The Dodge City Dance

    2 tornadoes merging Southwest of Dodge City, KS on May 24, 2016 causing a spectacular dancing scene.
  15. Dimmitt, TX Wedge (4/14/2017)

    Dimmitt, TX Wedge (4/14/2017)

    Large tornado narrowly missing Dimmitt, TX on April 14, 2017.
  16. Last Chance, Colorado 6/10/10

    Last Chance, Colorado 6/10/10

    Steve Miller TX took a picture of Steve Miller OK while on chasecation in June of 2010. This was an upslope day that included gorilla hail near Deer Trail, CO followed by this beauty that sat in a field for a solid 10 minutes.
  17. Sun, March 3, 2019 Weather Recap

    03/04/19 09:00: Yesterday, if you haven’t heard already, there was a flurry of tornado-like activity in the Deep South, including across southern AL, GA, and I believe possibly FL, and SC*. There are, as of 09:23, 23 confirmed deaths in AL. The number 36 as far as tornado reports, in AL, are...
  18. I MacDaniel

    AccuWeather’s Tornado Predictions... how???? I’m not sure if some of you already have seen this article, but AccuWeather predictions call for 1,075 tornadoes this year and elevated tornado risk for...
  19. Taylorville IL tornado: crucial decisions saved lives

    This is a story from the Springfield IL State Journal-Register (may have a paywall, you get several free views if you're not a subscriber) concerning the coordinated decisions of the NWS, emergency personnel and event organizers in Taylorville IL on the day of the tornado (12/1)...
  20. Jeremy Perez

    2018-10-21 REPORTS: AZ

    On Sunday, October 21st, tropical moisture was in place over Arizona, with a low impinging on it from the west. So southwest flow was in play over the Mogollon Rim Convergence Zone (MRCZ). Work had been a bear and I’d been dealing with a chest cold the previous few days so I wasn’t exactly eager...