1. Jamie Winterstern

    My 2nd Chase - Sunday thru Thursday

    Last weekend I experience my first chase in Texas and got hooked. My knowledge is limited on targeting and forecasting but I did learn quite a bit of tools from my first trip. I fly into Denver Sunday morning and plan on heading straight to southwest Kansas. The GFS model had it looking good...
  2. Dan Ross

    Tips for chasing in the heart of "Tornado Alley"?

    Hi everyone, I've been chasing for the past decade when life and weather allows. I've had the privilege of seeing tornadoes in IL, IA, SD, CO, and a couple in far western KS (on slight risk days only). This May I might finally chase for the first time in the heart of "Tornado Alley", and I'd...
  3. KendraReed

    Help Needed-Donation Presentations

    Storm Assist is looking for a chaser, or chasers who are interested in presenting donations to the cities of: Garland, TX; Rowlett, TX and Holly Springs, MS. We are looking to schedule both donations within the next week. If you are interested in assisting- please message me here, on FB or...