storm chaser

  1. ScottCurry

    HamChaser 2018-02-25

    FREE RESOURCE for Storm Chasers and Licensed Ham Radio Operators Ham Chaser is dedicated to helping Amateur Radio Licensed Storm Chasers foster relationships between Storm Chasers and Storm Spotters. We are providing tools and information to help Storm Chasers make accurate weather reports...
  2. Jordan Doane

    Opinions on new chase vehicle and accessories.!?

    Hey y'all. Since the volkswagen buy back went on we've been unable to find a diesel jetta wagon and after hearing about electrical issues with them as well id like to hear some new opinions on this car. We've been looking at a 2004/2005 Subaru Forester xs (non turbo charged version.) Personally...
  3. Robert Forry

    Stormchaser receives the gift of LIFE.

    Hey gang, this maybe old news to some, but after being diagnosed with Restrictive Cardiomyopothy in 2005 and in need of a heart transplant, last October, my friend and fellow storm chaser L.B. LaForce received the precious gift of life. Below is a link to the story and video about one mans...