1. Nickolis Murphy

    Skywarn question.

    Hello all. I am a somewhat new skywarn spotter for the Des Moines, IA area, and have been for around 3-4 years and have done some chasing. Would like to get some information on some recommended equipment. I currently use my ipad with radarscope pro 2 subscription and this is what i also use for...
  2. SKYWARNVermont

    Vermont Weather Reports

    I'll be giving daily updates for the Chittden County area in Vermont, and I'll be keeping watch for severe weather, posing updates on new weather developments for the green mountain state. Anyone wanting to send reports are greatly appreciated!
  3. ScottCurry

    HamChaser 2018-02-25

    FREE RESOURCE for Storm Chasers and Licensed Ham Radio Operators Ham Chaser is dedicated to helping Amateur Radio Licensed Storm Chasers foster relationships between Storm Chasers and Storm Spotters. We are providing tools and information to help Storm Chasers make accurate weather reports...