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  1. STexan

    NWS Radar Site Geographic Omissions

    I have been wondering for years why there are numerous relatively large gaps (holes) in NWS radar coverage, particularly in the western US. Granted they might not get a lot of severe weather in these locations, but they do get a lot of dangerous winter precipitation that affects lots of...
  2. David Rundle

    Research question: Mapping storm inflow/outflow boundaries to Fibonnaci Golden Spiral

    Just a mathematical modeling question: As we're finding out the low-level vorticity of the forward-flank downdraft plays an integral part in steady-state vortex maintenance (Orf), has anyone yet attempted to map radar images to the Golden Spiral? I'd be interested to learn if there is any...
  3. Ben Holcomb

    Radar Trucks collected unprecedented data from Hurricane Harvey

    The OU SMART Radar truck was deployed to Hurricane Harvey last week and managed to collect some pretty cool data from the hurricane including a sounding inside the eye of the hurricane. If you want to check out some of the data, follow @OU_SRs, @addisonalford and @MesonetMan on Twitter. Read...
  4. Steve Miller

    NBC 5 in Dallas Debuts Powerful S-Band Radar

    NBC 5's brand new S-band radar is among Texas' most advanced weather radar tools. Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock explains what makes it so unique. A really great video story if you like learning about the innards of S-band radars...
  5. Matt Magiera

    WSV3 Next Gen Software

    I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this new software being released tomorrow. I've been following their facebook page for awhile, and it looks pretty interesting. Tomorrow and tomorrow only they're offering a discount on the software, so I was tossing around the idea of purchasing it...