1. Mike Z

    Lucky Lightning Bolt Capture

    The shutter speed was 1 / 3.2. It's on the slow side, but I still think it's a lucky snap.
  2. Mike Z

    More Lightning

    I left the shutter open for 4 seconds at a time here.. but I must've not been focused correctly.. kinda disappointing.. any tips on how to get a good manual focus when it's dark out? or maybe I was focused, but the shutter speed had something to do with it.. I like this one...
  3. Mike Z

    First Lightning Captures

    These are my first serious attempts at capturing lightning. The camera used was a Lumix ZS60. I didn't do any post-processing on them.
  4. Jim Keener

    Photographing Super Cells / Best Angle

    I'm not certain how to ask this question. My efforts this season will be directed to photographing super cells, hopefully from outside the storm. I have little information and no experience doing this. Where is generally the best place to begin in relation to the hook I might see on radar. My...
  5. Jim Keener

    Old Newbie

    Greetings all, I'll be on the road looking for super cells as soon as I know what one is. My object is to photograph with stills or time lapse, and make videos of those magnificent visions of creation. I'm a bit passionate about it. When I was a boy, I spent an evening I'll never forget...
  6. Taylor Wright

    Drones and their Role in Weather

    I've thought about this subject a lot recently, as drones will soon be as common as point-and-shoot cameras, and there's much to be discussed about them. For example: 1) How ethical is it to use drones to obtain tornado footage then sell it and claim it as your own, even if the drone was not on...