1. Mike Z

    Lucky Lightning Bolt Capture

    The shutter speed was 1 / 3.2. It's on the slow side, but I still think it's a lucky snap.
  2. Mike Z

    More Lightning

    I left the shutter open for 4 seconds at a time here.. but I must've not been focused correctly.. kinda disappointing.. any tips on how to get a good manual focus when it's dark out? or maybe I was focused, but the shutter speed had something to do with it.. I like this one...
  3. Mike Z

    First Lightning Captures

    These are my first serious attempts at capturing lightning. The camera used was a Lumix ZS60. I didn't do any post-processing on them.
  4. Isaac Schluesche

    INSANE SLOW-MO CRAWLERS :COOLEST Video I've ever shot: 1 year anniversary

    First off, I know that this is a photography thread but I figured that I'd be ok posting this. About a year ago I shot the coolest video I have yet taken, and possibly ever will, of anvil crawlers over the skies of Madison, Wisconsin. Didn't have the opportunity to share it on Stormtrack at...
  5. NealRasmussen

    There once was an Evil Cow...

    There once was an Evil Cow. This cow was not just bad, or mean. It was plain evil. It would never share at the Oats Trough, but push even baby calves out of the way! When grazing, it would run other cows away from the good grasses. It tried to kick the rancher whenever it could, for no reason...
  6. Melanie Kern-Favilla

    Lightning triggers? MIOPS or Nero Trigger

    Hi gang - Does anyone here shoot with either the new MIOPS lightning trigger or the Nero Trigger? I know they all work on nighttime lightning, but I want to buy it for daytime lightning. Can anyone shed some light on these triggers, if they work well during the day? Or should I just suck it...