1. Hoar Forst in Illinois Jan 27th 2019

    Hoar Forst in Illinois Jan 27th 2019

    Incredible hoar frost near Channahon, Illinois
  2. Roseville, IL Lightning

    Roseville, IL Lightning

    Lightning barrage near Roseville IL on April 7, 2019
  3. February 2019 Ice Storm

    February 2019 Ice Storm

    Major ice storm in Northern Illinois in February 2019 with 1/2" of ice reported
  4. Davenport, Iowa

    Davenport, Iowa

    May 2, 2019 Iowa flooding
  5. Davenport, Iowa Historic Flooding

    Davenport, Iowa Historic Flooding

    Historic flooding during the record flood crest of May 2, 2019 near Davenport, Iowa. This beat the old record set in 1993.
  6. Buffalo, Iowa Flooding

    Buffalo, Iowa Flooding

    Record flooding on May 2, 2019 near Buffalo, Iowa
  7. December 1, 2018 Tornado

    December 1, 2018 Tornado

    Rope tornado touches down at close range during the record Illinois tornado outbreak of December 1, 2018. Near Brooklyn, IL
  8. Thunderstorm Time-lapse on April 22, 2019

    Thunderstorm Time-lapse on April 22, 2019

    Thunderstorm Time-lapse. From Northeast of Elburn, Illinois. GoPro H6. 1 second intervals. A wider view: RadarScope screen grab: ttps://
  9. Taylorville IL tornado: crucial decisions saved lives

    This is a story from the Springfield IL State Journal-Register (may have a paywall, you get several free views if you're not a subscriber) concerning the coordinated decisions of the NWS, emergency personnel and event organizers in Taylorville IL on the day of the tornado (12/1)...
  10. Peter B. Creedon

    2010-06-18: IA, MO, IL

    This was the first day I worked at my job as a liquor store clerk. Cells fired across Iowa and into Illinois. After dark they congealed into an MCS and slunk south to the STL area. I remember a customer coming in remarking about the "light show" off to the north. After my shift (1:30 AM Saturday...