wX (Android) / wXL23 ( iOS )

wX (Android) / wXL23 ( iOS ) 5

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(For wXL23 on iOS)
This app is definitely overkill for the average person, but could as well be a godsend for mobile weather enthusiasts. If the NWS itself developed an app it could very well resemble wXL23. Customizing a new home location is a little clunky (you may have to add a new location and delete the home, then add a new home location), but the utility of this app is worth it. Radar and satellite products work well, but the 4-panel radar could cause the app to crash on some older phones. And very few apps will allow you to view the SPC convective outlooks or the high seas analyses and forecasts. A word of caution though: If the closest NWS office is not the one that serves your location, the app is liable to "misplace" you based on the office location. This is an issue in Orange County and the Inland Empire in southern California, where the app will place you in Los Angeles (based off an incorrect location for the office, which appears to be set in Anaheim) despite the fact that the area is served from San Diego. For another example, Mammoth Lakes is served from Reno, but the app assigns the location to Hanford.