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Weathergeek Pro 2 2015-03-15

Advanced weather modeling on your mobile device

  1. Steve Miller
    WeatherGeek Pro 2 is a premium weather application which brings the world’s most advanced weather data right to your fingertips! For the first time on a mobile app, view the same numerical weather models professional meteorologists use to develop their forecasts on our beautiful Retina-quality graphical interface. If you’re a serious WeatherGeek who likes to dive into the data, this is the app you’ve been dreaming of!

    Choose weather maps for North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia*** and tropical regions* from our “global” suite of models which include the GFS (Global Forecasting System), GEFS (Global Ensemble Forecasting System), the NAEFS (North American Ensemble Forecast System), the WW3 (Wave Watch 3) Model and the ECMWF** (European) Model.

    You can also choose “regional” weather maps for North America, the United States and Alaska from the NAM (North American Mesoscale), NAM4 (4km NAM), the SREF (Short Range Ensemble Forecast), the HRW-NMM, the HRW-ARW (High Resolution Window WRF) and the all-new RAP (Rapid Update) model.

    View over 70 advanced weather parameters for all regions across the continental United States in stunning Retina-quality high resolution clarity with the HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) Model interface.**

    Scan the atmosphere in three dimensions by checking out skew-t (weather balloon data) charts for the continental United States.**

    • Numerical weather model maps for the United States, North America, South America, Africa, North Pacific, East Pacific, Western Atlantic, Atlantic, Europe, Asia, Australia*** and the South Pacific.*
    • GFS, GEFS, NAEFS, WW3, POLAR, NAM, NAM4, SREF, HRW-NMM, HRW-ARW, RAP, ECMWF** and HRRR** models available.
    • Display multiple levels such as surface, 850mb, 700mb, 500mb, 300mb, 250mb, 200mb plus many more.
    • View a variety of products such as precipitation, thickness, winds, pressure, vorticity, precipitable water, relative humidity, heights, streamlines and simulated radar.
    • Access U.S. and southern Canada weather maps from the WPC (Weather Prediction Center) including current and future surface maps out to 7 days, QPF and weather hazard maps.**
    • View skew-t charts (weather balloon data) for stations across the continental U.S.**
    • Display upper air maps.
    • Zoom and scroll maps.
    • Animate maps.
    • Draw on maps.
    • Share maps on Facebook, Twitter and via Email.
    • Access MOS tables for the U.S. (MAV, MET, MEX, GFS LAMP).
    • Instantly access many U.S. National Weather Service text products.

    In-app Purchases
    HRRR Model Interface $1.99
    Skew-T Chart Interface $0.99
    HPC Map Interface $0.99
    ECMWF Model Interface Free (basic data)
    World & Tropical Region Map Interface $0.99
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