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Weather Radio by WDT 2015-03-11

Unique life-saving information in the form of alerts, audio, video, interactive mapping & more!

  1. Steve Miller
    Leverage features already in your smartphone or tablet to provide unique life-saving information
    • Obtain more accurate alerts than those offered by typical consumer alerting services thanks to WDT's Patented Alerting Engine: Patent #8519860
    • Weather Radio will alert you if you are in an area when a weather watch or warning is issued, without you having to do anything
    • Within the app, you may save up to five fixed locations in addition to your current position. Monitor the weather anywhere!
    • Weather Radio provides immediate audio alerts in the form of beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type
    • Quickly reference where you are in relation to adverse weather utilizing the in-app radar mapping capability that features watch and warning overlay
    • You can view localized streaming video of severe weather coverage for up-to-the-minute information from within the app

    Weather information for everyone
    Weather Radio is user friendly for the blind. We have optimized this app to work with Apple’s VoiceOver technology, ensuring as many people can utilize our life-saving information as possible.

    VoiceOver is a gesture-based screen reader that lets you utilize Weather Radio even if you cannot see the screen. With VoiceOver enabled, just triple-click the Home button to access it wherever you are in iOS. Hear a description of everything happening on your screen, listen to alerts and forecasts, and even share what's on your screen with your followers on social media.

    • Weather Radio is the only application that offers 24/7/365 support
    • Enjoy consistent development and improvement of our app
    • From the same mobile development team that brought you RadarScope

    Now add Lightning alerting and more of an in-app subscription purchase of $4.99 / yr!


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