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The RAOB Program 2015-03-25

For all your sounding analysis and forecasting needs.

  1. John Shewchuk
    RAOB is the most comprehensive stand-alone RAwindsonde OBservation program. RAOB operates on any Windows platform and can plot ANY sounding data -- up to the 1 millibar (hPa) level. If RAOB can't automatically process your sounding datafile, then just manually enter the data into RAOB's built-in data editor. All sounding data can also be converted into RAOB's universal CSV data format.

    RAOB can create SkewTs, Emagrams, Tephigrams, Hodographs, 3-D Hodograms, Soundingrams, Cross-Sections, Time-Height Diagrams, and many other specialty displays such as Soaring, Mountain-Wave, Layer-Analyzer, Frontal-Systems, and more. Customize your RAOB from 17 optional program modules, or save 10% with a pre-bundled RAOB Package.

    Each RAOB purchase comes with (1) a downloadable installation file, (2) a free upgrade to the next program release with follow-on discounts, and (3) free, responsive technical support. There are also Student & Veteran discount offers. Sign-up to receive email notifications about monthly program sales via RAOB Newsletters.

    RAOB help is always available by phone or email. In addition, there's complete built-in RAOB Program Help files, an optional User's Guide & Technical Manual, and a new library of tutorial videos. The most popular videos are available via YouTube, while the complete library of high-definition videos are listed here.

    The RAOB Demo program has recently been replaced by the new RAOB Reader program. If you have a favorite sounding file that you'd like to view on RAOB, just send the file to ERS (wxx@raob.com) and you'll receive the corresponding .RSF file that RAOB Reader can process.
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