THE NOOB: 2008-2011 Storm Chasing by Adam Lucio 2015-03-09

Over 20 tornadoes, including the infamous Bowdle field incident.

  1. Adam Lucio
    I entered the chasing scene during a period of rapid of transition. The era of the founding fathers was giving way to a new breed of chasers. The rapid influx of these "noobs" into a once obscure hobby was not necessarily well perceived by the founding fathers. Technology had changed the game, replacing genuine weather knowledge and instinct. The veterans of the chasing world welcomed me with tough love. They may not have realized that inside my heart beats with the same cold blooded passion they possess. I had to show them just what this "noob" can do.

    This DVD covers my first few seasons as a newer chaser, and is jam packed with tornado video, including the infamous farmers field incident and rare footage of a tornado near Chicago, where I live.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jason_Dasho
    Version: 2015-03-09
    "Oh Gosh!!" Is what my two year old daughter said as she stop to watch Adam and Ben share their experience in the fields of South Dakota. Her review is spot on of a situation that is a ever changing emotions for those involved. Nothing about this video makes you think it is a big production focusing on the chaser instead of the storm like many web series that are available. Adam was able to document mother nature while sharing his emotions during the thrill of the chase in balanced format. Upcoming chasers she note Adams style of capturing the close shots of the tornado with out neglecting the overall structure of the storm. Well done!