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Storm Target 1.1.7

Alert Automation Software

  1. Ryan Fleck

    Storm Target automates many of the mundane tasks routinely performed during a chase. It's designed to save you time, letting you focus on the storm. Storm Target also offers many unique features not typically offered by other weather software. While Storm Target is geared towards storm chasers, many other people will find its features useful. Whether a storm chaser, professional meteorologist, business owner, school official, emergency manager, or a weather enthusiast, all will find value in Storm Target.

    Visit stormtarget.com for more information



    Receive automatic and on-demand notifications for the following:

    • Warnings
    • Advisories
    • Special Weather Statements
    • Watches
    • Mesoscale Discussion
    • Convective Outlooks
    • Forecast Discussions
    • Storm Reports
    • Weather Condition Updates
    • Custom Weather Condition Rules

    Text to Speech

    • Reads alerts for you
    • Customizeable speech lexicon database for improving word pronunciation
    • Supports Windows default and 3rd party add-on voices

    GPS Location Support

    • Get GPS loction based alerts
    • Specify a radius in miles to recieve alerts
    • Get weather conditions from the nearest weather station automatically

    Voice Commands

    Accepts speech commands for opening and closing alerts

    Chase Target Map

    Post your chase target and gain access to other user's target for that day

    Weather Conditions

    Alerts you of changes in the following weather conditions
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Wind Direction
    • Wind Speed
    • Pressure
    • Dewpoint
    • Visibility

    Custom Weather Condition Rules

    • Create your own weather condition rules
    • Alerts you of changing weather conditions that you define

    Chase Log

    Database for you to enter the details of your chase

    Available data fields
    • Chase Id
    • Date
    • Time
    • City
    • County
    • State
    • Event
    • Event Scale
    • SPC Tornado Probability
    • SPC Hail Probability
    • SPC Wind Probability
    • Forecast Verified?
    • Target Location
    • Distance from Target
    • Miles Driven
    • Expenses
    • Notes

    Quick access to all US Doppler radar sites

    Loop and Static images
    • Base Reflectivity
    • Base Reflectivity - Long Range
    • Composite Reflectivity
    • Storm Relative Velocity
    • Base Velocity
    • 1-Hr Storm Total Rainfall
    • Storm Total Rainfall


    Quick access to all US satellite images

    Loop and Static images
    • Visible
    • Infrared - Color
    • Infrared - B/W
    • Water Vapor
    • Shortwave Infrared
    Weather Models
    • SPC RAP Mesoanalysis
    • HRRR 1km agl Reflectivity

    App Start

    Quickly start all your storm chasing applications with one click

    Save Links

    Bookmark and access your most important weather sites from one location

    Z Time Clock

    Z time and local clocks are displayed on the main screen to ease time conversion of NWS products

    Data Meter

    Built in data meter to track total data usage of the computer

    Driver Mode

    Enlarges buttons to aid a driver chasing alone



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