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Storm Assist 2014 Blu-Ray 2015-05-04

Storm Assist 2014’s Extreme Weather as Captured by Storm Chasers

  1. KendraReed
    A relatively quiet year for storms and tornadoes, 2014 was punctuated by several significant events. See dramatic displays of nature’s wrath from the huge wedge tornadoes that struck Mayflower/Vilonia, AR and Coleridge, NE to the incredibly rare twin EF-4's that devastated Pilger, NE. Watch with storm chasers as they also document nature’s more beautiful side from perfectly sculpted supercells to the visually striking weather of the Great Plains. Your purchase of this production sends aid directly to storm-hit communities.
    2014-dvd-cover-crop-1024x719 2014.png
    Running time: 82 minutes
    100% of profits go to impacted communities
    Great education video for classrooms
    Featuring 2014’s most extreme weather:
    1. April 27th – Vilonia/Mayflower, AR EF-4
    2. April 28th – Columbus, MS EF-2 and Tupelo, MS EF-3 tornadoes
    3. June 16th – Stanton, Pilger, and Wakefield, NE EF-4 tornadoes
    4. June 17th – Coleridge, NE EF-3
    5. June 18th – Alpena, SD tornadoes
    6. July 7th – Central Iowa tornadoes
    7. Rare California tornado footage
    8. Amazing time lapse of supercells, convection and lightning
    **plus S&H
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