Storm Assist 2013 Blu-Ray

Storm Assist 2013 Blu-Ray 2015-05-04

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While 2013 was below average for its quantity of tornadoes, several tornadoes that did occur were noted for being exceptionally large and violent. Many storm chasers viewed these tornadoes and have contributed their footage to this wonderful, one of a kind production. As always, Storm Assist donates 100% of profits to communities affected by severe weather.
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Running time: 114 minutes
100% of profits go to impacted communities
Great education video for classrooms
Featuring 2013’s most extreme weather:
  1. May 18th – Rozel, KS EF-4
  2. May 20th – Moore, OK EF-5
  3. May 28th – Bennington, KS EF-3
  4. May 31st – Record Setting 2.6 Mile Wide El Reno, OK Wedge
  5. A Tribute To The Storm Chasers Who Passed Away As A Result of The El Reno Event
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