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Storm Assist 2012 Blu-Ray 2015-05-04

Storm Assist 2012’s Extreme Weather as Captured by Storm Chasers

  1. KendraReed
    2012’s best storm chasing Blu-ray containing video from dozens of storm chasers, and the first annual production of the charity project that donates 100% of profits to communities affected by severe weather.
    Running time: 100 minutes
    Blu-ray contains extra footage
    100% of profits go to impacted communities
    Great education video for classrooms
    Featuring 2012’s most extreme weather:
    1. March 2nd Midwest Tornado Outbreak
    2. April 14th Great Plains Tornado Outbreak
    3. Hurricane Isaac
    4. Hurricane Sandy
    5. …and more!
    **plus S&H
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