RadarScope 2015-03-11

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RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists that allows you view NEXRAD Level 3 and super resolution radar data along with Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood Warnings, and predicted storm tracks issued by the US National Weather Service.

It can display the latest reflectivity, velocity, dual-polarization, and other products from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar site in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico. These aren't smoothed PNG or GIF images, this is native radar data rendered in its original radial format for a high level of detail.
Steve Miller
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The app does one thing and does it well. Radar coverage has expanded since the original post, and now covers Canada (including new upgraded radars in the past year), the Japanese island of Okinawa, and most of South Korea. Coverage of Australia has been announced for later in 2019. The use of high resolution data helps tease out features that could be hidden by coarser displays, and there is no smoothing to give a false sense of precision. The only issue I have with the app is that the Storm Relative Velocity product is of markedly lower resolution than even the lower resolution base velocity. Overall, a must-have app for any serious weather enthusiast. If you have the money, Pro Tier One will give you lightning data, a data inspector, and longer high resolution loops; it is a generally good deal at $10 per year. Pro Tier Two, at $15 per month or $100 per year, is overkill for most users, but professional meteorologists can see some value in the 30 day archives, local storm reports, shear and hail contours, and the cross-platform subscriptions.
Fantastic application. By far the best radar for a mobile application!
RS user for 2 years now. The closest thing to a GRLEVELX-like experience on a touch device.