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Lemonade (2005-2006 Storm Chase Adventures by Shane Adams) 2015-03-09

Beautiful tornadoes, window-smashing hail, and great humor

  1. Shane Adams
    This video features beautiful tornadoes, window-smashing hail, and great humor. Ride along on my best chases of the 2005-2006 storm seasons, a period which was extremely inactive for the most part. This collection of chases is the 'lemonade' I made from the dismal ingredients Mother Nature threw at me during these years. Although the storms were far and few, the ones I did observe were phenomenal.


    1. Lemonade.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Steve Miller
    Steve Miller
    Version: 2015-03-09
    One of my favorite storm chase videos of all time. Doesn't get more raw than this! Love it!
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