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FREE RESOURCE for Storm Chasers and Licensed Ham Radio Operators

Ham Chaser is dedicated to helping Amateur Radio Licensed Storm Chasers foster relationships between Storm Chasers and Storm Spotters. We are providing tools and information to help Storm Chasers make accurate weather reports within the rules of the various Weather Nets around the United States. Further, we are helping Net Control Operators determine the reliability and accuracy of weather reports by cross-referencing Amateur Radio Call Signs to those provided by this website in order to view the experience and training of those reporting.

The map shows the location of Skywarn Net Repeaters and Weather Forecast Offices. The map tracks your location so that you know where you are in relation to nearby repeaters and WFOs.

GRLevel3 Place Files
Download GRLevel3 place files for Skywarn repeaters and WFOs. Use GRLevel3 to locate the nearest Skywarn repeater or WFO so that you can call in that awesome tornado you're looking at.

Storm Chaser Database
This list allows Net Control Operators and others to determine the legitimacy and reliability of reports from storm chasers. Viewing a profile will give you an understanding of the experience and training of the person reporting. Storm Chaser profiles are free to view and do not require registration.

This is also a good location for Storm Chasers to promote their website and credentials.

Chase Partner Finder
Using the information you provided in the Storm Chasers Database, you can add the date range you want to chase, the location you need to be picked up from or are leaving from, and how you are willing to contribute (finances, vehicle, food, hotels, gas, driving, spotting, forecasting, radar watching, media brokering, etc).

Chase Emergencies
Car break down? Run out of gas? Get dumped on the side of the road because you're a terrible navigator? Log in, enter your location and a short note about your situation, and request an emergency pickup. Nearby chasers will be notified that you need to be picked up.

Through push notifications on your cell phone and alerts on this website, you will get notified when a fellow chaser needs an immediate pickup. You can also view who has responded to the emergency.

HamChaser is a great tool to use while you are chasing. It's completely free. Just leave the website up, or download the place files into GRLevel3, and hit the road. When severe weather strikes, you'll know immediately which repeater or WFO to contact. You can also keep an ear out for any skywarn reports and easily switch between repeaters as you travel, as full frequency information is available as you drive.

Check it out! www.hamchaser.com
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