AllisonHouse Maps 2.4.5

Web-Based Forecast Model and Real-Time Weather Data viewer

  1. Full 3D Globe, More Models, More Features, More Data

    The update from AllisonHouse Maps 1.1 to 2.0 brought a Full 3D Globe to our industry best web-based weather data viewer. Now with version 2.4.5, we've redesigned the entire menu interface to make it easier to use on both mobile and desktop devices. We've also added true one-click screenshots and video recording! Full tilt, pan and zoom functionality allows you to view the data from whichever angle you wish. One-click point inspection allows you to view specific data values at any location for any data!

    2.4.5 also brings free (for everyone!) access to a limited AllisonHouse Maps. It includes the ECMWF (WMO Essential), HRRR and MRMS select products.

    Lastly, Meteograms are now available for Maps subscribers! Choose whichever product and models and graph the data over the entire course of the model run.


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