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Use of AdBlock minimizes features?

A website is a set of files (static html files or more often these days html outputted by a script like PHP using a database like MySQL) which exist on one or more web servers which are accessible by the public.

Websites are almost always hosted by a web hosting company which charges for the service.

Websites with a low amount of traffic can use shared servers and have to pay just a few bucks a month for the hosting.
Websites with more traffic, like Stormtrack usually have a dedicated server.
Sometimes if the traffic is higher, there will be a need for more than one server.
If we don't have servers powerful enough to cope, the website runs too slowly and users/members rightfully get frustrated using it.

The website is accessed through a data pipeline like the one serving your broadband at home. In the same way that you pay more for more bandwidth, when there is a lot of traffic to a website, a larger capacity is needed (more Mb/s). This costs more money.
If you have a lot of traffic to your website (particularly when visitors are viewing images on it), but your bandwidth is not sufficient, then the website is 'choked', which means it runs too slowly and people rightfully get frustrated using it.

The cost of our web servers, bandwidth, licensure, addons, professional advisors and marketing costs thousands every year.

There are other costs related to running Stormtrack like there are running any small business such as development (producing new functionality for the website), and items listed above.

Those blocking advertisements on Stormtrack, are restricting the amount of revenue that ST can earn and therefore restrict the quality of the service we can provide.

It seems reasonable, then, that we ask all our visitors to consider disabling adblock for Stormtrack.

As a reward for those people who disable ad blocking, we provide some premium services made exclusively available to them. These include our free marketplace service and competitions.

We hope this explains how (most) websites work and why they need to display ads, and why, if you value that website, you should view them. Given the fact that ads here are centered around your hobby, we hope this will be an easy decision for you.
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Feb 1, 2015
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