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Layout of a WxLibrary page

WxLibrary is basically a large set of wiki pages. Most wiki pages follow the same basic layout.

The top of the page might include a header that shows important wiki information, advertisements, or other widgets.

Below that, the page is typically split between the page's body content on the left and a sidebar of various widgets on the right.
The body of a page generally has a number of tabbed controls at the top, which provide links to the editor, lists of child content, and other various options.

Then we have the page's title followed by the actual content -- what the user has come to the page to read about.

The content might be one block or several, and may end with a list of categories, feeds, and other tags that might lead the user to similar wiki entries.

Finally, the page lists the names of the users who have helped to write the content.

Some pages, if they can act as landing pages for other parts of the wiki, also include short lists of child pages to let the reader know that there is more to read inside.
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Jan 26, 2015
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