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I've been chasing for 25 years! Why am I a "noob" on Stormtrack?

Stormtrack has implemented a reputation system based on a thumbs up or thumbs down on every member post. You can find the thumbs in the bottom right-hand corner of each post.
A reputation system accomplishes two things:
  1. Quality content is important here at Stormtrack, so is reputation within the community. Quality content offered by members will result in more thumbs up clicks from other members, with each thumbs up click earning the content providing member one point.
  2. Members can also receive a thumbs down which will, in essence, decrease reputation. This will encourage members to think twice before being snarky or downright rude.
We have implemented this reputation policy and will stick with it. It's a very popular method for forums like Stormtrack to recognize users who are contributing quality information. Rest assured, we do have a threshold in place to warn staff when someone is abusing the reputation system so don't be concerned with the sabotage of one's reputation via lynch.

In addition to the thumbs, you can also mark a post as "informational" which is worth one point just like a thumbs up. Finally, there is an option to mark a post "Agree". This is neutral in the points system but does tell the original poster that you have agreed with their thoughts.
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Feb 24, 2015
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