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Chase topic minefields

We thought it might be beneficial for newer members to see a list of topics that are almost guaranteed to elicit a negative response on the forum and on social media. This isn't to discourage the discussion of these topics, just to prepare the poster for some of the responses. In other words, if you talk about doing any of these things, you need to expect criticism and have some thick skin in preparation.

Vehicle topics:
- Lightbars and flashing lights: strobes, rotators, wigwags, arrow sticks, etc
- Weather stations and instruments: Davis/OS home stations, custom builds, etc
- Logos and graphics: wraps, magnets, banners
- Anything with the intent, or appearance of intent, to drive into tornadoes: armored vehicles, etc
- Any accessory that is "over the top" or having the appearance of attention-seeking rather than actual function

Driving topics:
- Excessive speeding
- Passing in no-passing zones or on blind curves/hills
- Stopping in the road
- Standing in the road or setting tripods up in the road
- Tailgating
- Driving slow on a 2-lane road
- Hanging out of vehicle window to shoot pictures/video

Media/Photography topics:
- Giving video/photos away to media companies/networks for free/cheap
- Photographing fresh damage and tornado victims
- Copying other chasers' images to your web site/social media pages
- Celebrating while shooting a destructive tornado

Social Media/websites/blogs:
- Posting weather hype/outlandish model graphics
- Publishing own watches/warnings

Chasing goals:
- Research
- Saving lives
- Making it a career
- Getting too close/getting "extreme" video
- Not stopping when first on the scene of damage

Weather topics:
- Global warming
- Monetizing storm chasing (video sales, sponsorships, Kickstarter campaigns, etc)
- Conspiracy theories

I'm sure there are others, but that should cover most of them! Feel free to add more if you think of any.

This list was originally created by Dan Robinson.
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Feb 7, 2015
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