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Driving weather-savvy readers to your website has never been easier thanks to advertising!


8,600+ Page Loads

Which includes over 1000 unique visitors every 24 hours.

Proven Ad Placement

Located at the top of the forum page, directly beneath the cross-menu.

Works for DVD Sales

Increase exposure for your product or service, even for your Chase DVD sales!

Pricing for Banner Ads

Your ad will go into shared rotation with other ads (typically 6-8).  Our system selects a random ad with every page load (i.e. it is put into rotation). Your ad expires when your purchased time runs out. We cannot guarantee the number of impressions you will get. Rates are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start an ad or renew?

Simply navigate here and upload your banner and set target website address. You will then be given the choice of length of time your ad will run. Once you are checked out, your ad is up and running. Simple as that!

What if I’m graphically challenged?
No problem! We will design your banner ad for you! Generally turnaround on this process is around three days and the cost is $100. Contact us for more information!
How is my ad performing?
In your profile area, you will see an option for “my ads”. Within that area we have provided the ability for you to track impressions and clicks among other important variables for your campaign.
What are the Banner Guidelines
  • Terms of Service. We cannot guarantee server uptime or server performance under any circumstances.
  • Format. Banners must be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format, and must be 468 x 60 pixels, properly sized, and ready-to-use. We do not provide artwork services.
  • Banner location. We will host banners on your own server provided that it is in a fixed, non changing location and the URL contains a GIF, JPG, or PNG extension only.
  • Restrictions. Flashing banners (rapid changing of a color back and forth) are against our editorial guidelines and will not be accepted. Banners need not pertain to weather, however they must be appropriate for our audience. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue a banner ad for any reason, or to change rates or policies at our discretion.

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